Jurassic Park Fans Take Heed: You Could Own A Screen-Used Velociraptor Cage

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Raptor3You there! The guy with the bulging wallet and the stegosaurus-skin boots! You look like a discerning individual, perhaps the sort who enjoys decorating your domicile with assorted artifacts relating to pop culture and/or extinct long-extinct life forms. In other words: hey, wanna buy slightly used velociraptor cage?

Yep, the actual screen-used velociraptor from Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park is up for sale on that bastion of internet commerce, eBay. If your memory’s a little rusty, the film opens with a scene where a park crew is moving the mysterious crate, obviously filled with something unseen and ferocious. Unfortunately, one of the poor bastards gets a little too close and wham — raptor chow. Thankfully everything at the park went exactly as planned after that…


The crate is currently going for $99,900.10, so that may price out some small portion of the GFR readership. Constructed of wood and steel, and weighs in at “several hundred to one thousand pounds.” Sadly, it seems to be free of gatekeeper blood stains, but it does come with a velociraptor prop, so it all evens out. There are still eight days left to bid, so it might be time to dig the savings out of your spare mattress. (The raptor was created for display at the movie’s premiere. They considered going with a real raptor, but its talons kept tearing up the red carpet. Maybe for the next one.)

The prop is 20 years old, so it’s not surprising that this one might be a unique fixer-upper opportunity. Or, as the eBay description puts it:

  • The original Crate prop and the Velociraptor prop set do show significant signs of wear
  • Wear and deterioration due to age in both props; Velociraptor is faded and inner mouth pieces are coming apart, some pieces of the crate are missing; props are sold as pictured & as is
  • These treasures will benefit from some attention and TLC, so that future generations will be able to enjoy and marvel at this incredible piece of Hollywood History

Geez, man, I’m already ponying up a hundred grand to buy the damn thing, you don’t have to guilt trip me if I don’t feel like restoring it. You had it longer than me anyway, why didn’t you freaking restore it? You know what, forget about it, I’m taking the kids and going to my mother’s. I hope you and your velociraptor whore are very happy together!

[Door slams, screeching tires]

Come on, folks, this will make one hell of a conversation piece!