Joss Whedon Would Have Loved To Direct Star Wars: Episode VII, But Stuck With The Avengers

Geek heads would have exploded.

By Rudie Obias | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old


It’s mid-January and Disney has yet to announce who will direct Star Wars: Episode VII. Fans and press alike have spent weeks ruminating over who would be the perfect pick, and now another of the most-popular choices has sounded off on whether he’d be interested. That director is Joss Whedon.

In an interview with CNN, Joss Whedon talked about how he wanted to direct Star Wars: Episode VII but then (jokingly) realized that he had his own big blockbuster franchise to oversee. The Avengers 2 and the upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series have Whedon occupied until 2015, coincidentally when Star Wars: Episode VII is due in theaters. Here’s Whedon:

I’m as angry as you should be. When I heard that I was like, ‘I wonder… no, I really can’t do that. Oh, I already have a job.’ I wouldn’t clear the Avengers. I’m having so much fun with that sequel right now, just with the script, that I couldn’t imagine not doing it.

Joss Whedon is already on the Disney payroll, so he would have made sense as a candidate to direct the new Star Wars movie. He also probably would have been a great choice. It’s amazing what he did with The Avengers and bringing his TV series Firefly to the big screen after it was cancelled in 2002. It also would’ve been nice to watch Whedon regulars in the new Star Wars movie. We’ll never know the joys of watching Nathan Fillion playing a new Han Solo-type character. Wait a minute…