This Helix Season 2 Trailer Trades The Arctic Confines For An Isolated Island

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Ronald D. Moore’s plague thriller Helix is now just about two weeks away from kicking off its second season on Syfy. This time they’re changing out the ice-bound environs of the Arctic Circle for a remote forest island, though as you can clearly see in this new trailer, the heroes’ situation is no less perilous and full of danger. Hell, this time around it might even be creepier.

Despite the change in venue, shifting to the Lost looking island, the set up appears to be rather similar. They’re in a remote, isolated location where a viral outbreak is running rampant. And, of course, there’s more going on than the team from the CDC initially sees. Just in case you didn’t notice that, one character’s voice over tells you that this island is not what it appears to be. It will be interesting to see how this new set up connects to the last, and how the events at Arctic Biosystems from season one will inform things now that we’re getting a wider view of this particular world.

And if the nefarious Ilaria Corporation, a twisty conspiracy, and a deadly disease aren’t enough to contend with, there’s what appears to be a cult, headed by Wings star Stephen Weber. They’ve cut off all ties with the outside world and even go so far as to grow all of their own food, but you can bet that’s not all there is going on. You can’t trust anyone wearing a hooded cloak and carrying a torch. Helix does like to crank up the mystery and ambiance.

From the official description, it also sounds like the disease they’ve been dealing with may not be the only threat they have to face. This is where the main characters find themselves, where their work takes them. I know they’re all, “We’re the CDC, we don’t run away,” and all of that, but they really need to find a new gig.

Just in case you’re not caught up with Helix, here’s a handy five-minute recap of season 1.

Helix looks to be a key piece of Syfy’s recent commitment to producing more new, original content. We saw Ascension back in December, and when season two of Helix commences, it’s on the same night at their adaptation of Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys. With shows like Z Nation and Defiance also on the slate, there are also tons of titles in various stages of development.

Even though the results have been mixed, both ratings wise and critically, it’s nice to see the network taking great strides towards becoming something more than just a repository for dashed out schlock like they’ve become over the last few years. With shows like The Expanse, Dark Matter, Childhood’s End, Old Man’s War, and tons more, there is a lot of promising hard sci-fi on the way.