Gravity Becomes The Third Film In History To Make $100 Million At IMAX Theaters

By Brent McKnight | Updated

GravityGo Gravity. Since Alfonso Cuaron’s space adventure hit theaters in October, it seems like we haven’t stopped talking about it. First there was the fact that it is best movies of the year, and a visceral, physical movie-going experience like few others. Since then the discussion has centered on mind-boggling cinematography and visual effects, the fact that it was a huge hit, and the crap ton of awards it keeps winning. This latest reason to talk about Gravity is because it has now done something only two other movies have ever done before, earn $100 million dollars only at IMAX theaters.

Gravity joins a club that includes James Cameron’s Avatar and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. If you’re talking about box office success, those aren’t bad movies to be compared to. Right now, Gravity has taken in $694 million dollars worldwide, and considering that the film could walk away with a load of Oscars come March, and the fact that it’s still playing in most markets, it could easily top $700 million. That’s not too bad, even if it’s not the billion that both Avatar and The Dark Knight Rises made overall. Poor Gravity.

It feels like Warner Bros. has been trying their best to get to this milestone. They recently rereleased the film in both 3D and IMAX. And IMAX, as a company, has been pumping up the collaboration, which makes sense. If ever there was a film that was tailor made to for a large format like IMAX, it is certainly Gravity. Watching the film on a huge screen is such an immersive experience, it’s hard imagine what it will be like seeing it on your TV at home. If you haven’t seen it in the theater yet, you really, really should while you have the chance. There are so many movies where it doesn’t matter where you watch it, but Gravity is not one of them. You need to be right there as Cuaron and company whip you around the depths of space in what often feels like one continuous take.

It’s also hard to imagine that Gravity won’t go home wit at least a few Academy Awards on March 2. The technical categories seem like a lock, and the film has a legitimate shot at the biggies, like Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Actress, and even Best Picture. You just never know, it could also go home with nothing.

While we’re waiting for the Oscars, and while Gravity counts its money and laughs like a maniac, take a moment to peruse this video that we ran last year that discusses the intimate connection between the film and the format.