Frank Herbert And Kevin J. Anderson Books Available In Pay-What-You-Want Charity Fiction Bundle

By David Wharton | Updated

GodmakersLooking for some reading material but feeling guilty about paying retail price after buying all those Christmas presents? Well, never fear, because the Fiction Bundle will let you get your hand on DRM-free e-book copies of works by Frank Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson, and more. You can even decide for yourself what price you think is fair for the seven books packaged in the bundle. But don’t be a miser, because this all benefits charity, so if you’re a cheapskate you’re basically slapping the food out of the mouths of orphans. You monster.

The unimaginatively titled “Fiction Bundle” not only donates a portion of its proceeds to charity, it allows you to pick how you’d like to divide those proceeds. So you can specifically dictate what percentage of your payment you would like to go to the authors of the books (or their estate, presumably, in the case of Herbert), how much goes to charity, and how much goes as a tip to the folks overseeing the whole project.

The two charities involved are the American Red Cross and the Challenger Center for Space Science Education. I’m assuming we’re all pretty familiar with the Red Cross, but here’s the mission statement for the Challenger Center:

Challenger Center for Space Science Education offers dynamic, hands-on exploration and discovery opportunities to students around the world. These programs equip students with the knowledge, confidence, and skills that will help better our national social and economic well-being.

Worthy goals, the both of them. If we’ve piqued your interest, the current Fiction Bundle is available for another three and a half days. You can check it out right here, and we highlight the books available below.

GodmakersCovThe Godmakers by Frank Herbert

On the edge of a war-weary and devastated galaxy, charismatic Lewis Orne makes planetfall on Hamal. His assignment: to detect any signs of latent aggression in this planet’s population.

To his astonishment, he finds that his own latent extrasensory powers have suddenly blossomed, and he is invited to join the company of ‘gods’ on this planet.

Assemblers of Infinity by Kevin J. Anderson & Doug Beason

Nebula Award Nominee.

The crew of Moonbase Columbus make an amazing discovery on the far side of the Moon — a massive alien structure is erecting itself, built up atom by atom by living machines, microscopically small, intelligent, and unstoppable, consuming everything they touch. The mysterious structure begins to expand and take shape, and its creators begin to multiply.

Is this the first strike in an alien invasion from the stars? Or has human nanotechnology experimentation gone awry, triggering an unexpected infestation? As riots rage across a panicked Earth, scientists scramble to learn the truth before humanity’s home is engulfed by the voracious machines.

The Golden Queen by David Farland

When Gallen O’Day is hired to as a bodyguard to escort a young woman through the woods to the forbidden ruins at Geata Na Chruinn, it seems like an ordinary job — but all too soon, he finds himself fleeing for his life from creatures that seem like escapees from a nightmare — the alien dronon, led by their golden queen. With his best friend, a genetically engineered talking bear named Orick, and his girlfriend Maggie, Gallen soon finds himself tangled in an interstellar war that he never knew existed, racing across a host of worlds, confronted by a future unlike any that he had ever imagined.

LightsLights in the Deep by Brad R. Torgerson

Ten astounding tales by triple award nominee Brad R. Torgersen. Go on fantastic new adventures at the bottom of Earth’s oceans and at the edge of the solar system. Meet humans who are utterly alien and aliens who are all too human. Originally featured in the pages of Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine as well as Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show, these stories are gathered here for the first time, along with anecdotes and other commentary from the author. Introductions by Stanley Schmidt, Mike Resnick and Allan Cole. Features the stories Ray of Light (2012 Hugo & Nebula nominee), Outbound (2011 Analog Readers Choice Award winner), and Exanastasis (2010 Writers of the Future Award winner).

Bone Shop by Tim Pratt

The adventures of Marla Mason, chief sorcerer and protector of the city of Felport, have been chronicled in novels including Blood Engines, Poison Sleep, Dead Reign, Spell Games, Broken Mirrors, and Grim Tides. Now, for the first time, her origins are revealed. Bone Shop chronicles Marla’s early days in the city, her rise to power, and the terrible tragedies that shaped her extraordinary life. This is a story of questions answered and shadows forecast. This is the story of Marla Mason.

Dust Kisses by Dean Wesley Smith

USA Today bestselling writer Dean Wesley Smith weaves a tale of love and survival in a devastated future world.

When Carey Noack returns to the ruined Portland, Oregon, hoping to meet other survivors after three years of living alone, she doesn’t expect the man of her dreams.

At first, Matt Ladel, the only person living in the old city, thinks he imagined the beautiful woman weaving through dead cars. Then he finds the reality behind the fantasy.

Suddenly, the two experts in survival and living alone must learn to work together, and trust again, in the face of an even greater danger.

A novel of love, hope, and a future.

PrattThe Complete Stories of Tim Pratt (So Far) by Tim Pratt

The Complete Stories of Tim Pratt (So Far) contains virtually every story the award-winning author has published in the past 15 years, from early attempts to accomplished later works. It includes Hugo Award winner “Impossible Dreams,” works nominated for Bram Stoker, Theodore Sturgeon Memorial, and Nebula Awards, and stories reprinted in The Best American Short Stories, The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, The Year’s Best Fantasy, The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, and other “best of” anthologies. This comprehensive retrospective includes almost half a million words of fiction. Originally offered as a reward for backers of Tim Pratt’s “Antiquities and Tangibles” Kickstarter campaign, this exclusive collection is not currently available for sale anywhere else!