First Footage From BBC’s Kids Show Wizards Vs. Aliens

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

This sounds like a promising concept. BBC has released the first footage from their upcoming series Wizards vs. Aliens. The sci-fi/fantasy mash-up is obviously aimed at the younger end of the demographic spectrum. Got to hook them while they’re young.

This video mixes clips from Wizards with Wolfblood, another supernatural teen drama from the BBC. You should be able to tell which is which. One looks like Harry Potter, while the other has a strong Twilight-y feel. Check it out for yourself, see what you think.

From the look of this footage the show delivers exactly what the title promises. There’s some Potter-looking teen wizards, and guess what, they appear to be fighting some sort of alien menace. Who would have thought? Aside from the definite sense of teen melodrama, and some low-grade special effects, there aren’t a lot of specifics here. We’ll have to wait for a real trailer for more.

Wizards vs. Aliens comes from the creative duo of Russell T. Davies (Doctor Who, Torchwood) and Phil Ford, the driving force behind The Sarah Jane Adventures. These two shows share some common DNA, both aesthetically and thematically. That much makes sense considering much of the creative team has carried over to the new program, like writers Gareth Roberts, Clayton Hickman, and Joseph Lidster.

It’ll be curious to see if Wizards vs. Aliens can be one of those kids shows with a broad crossover appeal, or if the program will remain in its child-specific ghetto.