Faux Vintage Travel Posters Invite You To Tour The Solar System

By David Wharton | Updated

Despite bearing little resemblance to daily life here in the 21st century, there’s a certain undeniable charm in pulp science fiction artwork from the genre’s golden age. Sure, you have silly elements such as bikini-wearing, bubble-helmeted glamour gals being carried off to fulfill the lusty whims of green aliens with too many arms. But even the most fantastic of old-style pulp art spoke to a time when we as a people were excited and (overly) optimistic about mankind’s future in space. Surely we’d have bases on the Moon and Mars by the time we reached that far-flung, fantastic date of 2012!

Well…not so much. But it’s nice to remember a time when we were certain our future would be filled with flying cars and weekend trips to Saturn. Artist Steve Thomas has captured exactly that spirit in a series of faux-vintage travel posters he’s created to “advertise” excursions to various scenic destinations throughout the solar system. They are, quite frankly, gorgeous. Even better, you can buy prints of them starting at less than twelve bucks a pop.

Check out the rest in the gallery below, and join me of dreaming of a world where could see Venus by air…without, you know, melting.