Farscape’s Justin Monjo Wrote A Script For A New Movie

To be continued?

By Brent McKnight | Updated

FarscapeWhen Rockne S. O’Bannon’s cult sci-fi series Farscape was abruptly cancelled in 2002 after season number four, it left fans in the lurch. The season concluded on one hell of a cliffhanger, and since that’s also where the show wrapped up, there were a lot of people out there looking for a sense of closure. And as it turns out, that just might happen, in movie form. Prolific Australian writer Justin Monjo has written a new script, and the wheels may be starting to move forward.

How many times have we heard this same story over the years? Despite a hardcore, dedicated fan base that lived and breathed the series, the network formerly known as the Sci-Fi Channel, pulled the plug. It would take a rather long time to list all of the sci-fi shows that have met an early grave. At the time Farscape got the axe, the network cited a combination of declining ratings and increasing production costs. There was the obligatory fan outrage and grassroots push to bring the show back, which resulted in the mini-series The Peacekeeper Wars, which helped wrap things up.

The Sydney-based Monjo’s script is described by Inside Film as a “spin-off,” and will be directed by Brian Henson, for his Jim Henson Productions. These are the same people that produced Farscape for Australia’s Nine Network.

The show ends with the American astronaut, and hero, John Crichton (Ben Browder) and peacekeeper Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black), getting hitched and popping out a kid. Monjo’s new story revolves around this youngster. As it turns out, he has some vague, special powers—we’ll have to wait to see what to learn more specifics about what they entail. His unique skill set made him a target for various intergalactic villains and aliens up to no good, so his parents hid him on dear old dad’s home planet, Earth. The story of the movie picks up with him at 19 years old. His location has been discovered, and he gets back together with his folks.

Monjo is also working on a new series for HBO, based on George C. Chesboro’s The Beasts of Valhalla novels. Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage is in talks to star, and Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Films is on board to produce. Dinklage would play the fictional dwarf detective Dr. Robert “Mongo the Magnificent” Fredrickson. At the moment, the plan is to film this in 2016, due to Dinklage’s GoT commitments.

So what do you think? Are you ready for more Farscape?

And just in case you’re interested, here’s the The Peacekeeper Wars in its entirety.