Edge Of Tomorrow Extended Trailer Kills Tom Cruise Even More

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Do you feel like you’re going through the same thing, over and over again, with only the slightest differences happening each time? It’s not just you, it’s Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow’s upcoming action thriller Edge of Tomorrow, which has had necessarily similar trailers popping up over the last few months. It’s a movie where Tom Cruise’s character Major William Cage inherits the ability to time loop the same day repeatedly, Groundhog Day style, so it’s like these trailers were meant to provoke feelings of déjà vu even if it wasn’t an intentional choice. Thankfully, the extended trailer above features some new footage to remind us that director Doug Liman’s return to intense action movies is way overdue. (No Jumper sequels, please.)

If you head over to Edge of Tomorrow‘s official website, you’ll see that the extended trailer is even more in-your-face with additional content that is unlocked as you go through the trailer. (If you just click through the video like a madman, you’ll probably unlock everything.) While these clips aren’t Heart of Darkness deep into the production — and they’ll no doubt serve as a chunk of the Blu-ray/DVD extras — they’re still pretty solid, assuming you’re interested in this movie in the first place.

And why wouldn’t you be, general sci-fi fan? Based on the 2004 graphic novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, the story centers on Cage (Cruise), who is thrust into an alien war that he is definitely not equipped to handle. At least at first. We get to know his character a little better through the trailer and clips, which help to center Cruise’s presence n my mind. He’s caught in the time loop, retaining his memories and skills after each new death, and he soon teams up with Emily Blunt’s military maestro Rita Vrataski. (Her middle name is “Sassafrasalabaster.”) As if having an amazing exo-skeleton stocked with weapons wasn’t enough of an advantage in life, Rita trains Cage to be the greatest super-soldier the world has ever known. And the world kind of needs him right now, since the aliens are definitely winning when his mission begins.

There are tons of things to be wary about with a story like this, and I’m hoping the pacing is handled properly, but seriously…it’s a time-traveling, alien-murdering, metal-encrusted badass trying to save the world, or at least Europe. Most of the new footage seen in the trailer is explosive and action based, which skyrockets my optimism for what some of these sequences will look like.

Plus, Bill Paxton, am I right? That mustache could be a character all by itself, and it makes it seem like he’s playing the role a lot bigger and broader than necessary, which is awesome. If this movie has any kind of comic relief, you can’t go wrong with a bonkers military man slowly becoming more in awe of Cage’s surprising talents as the movie goes on.

Edge of Tomorrow will die and come back to theaters on June 6.