New Dead Space 3 Trailer Shows More Dead And Way More Space

By Brian Williams | Updated

The Dead Space game franchise is, without a doubt, the best translation of the space horror genre into videogame form. The newest iteration of the franchise, Dead Space 3, has been showing off some awesome new features since E3, but with just planet-side gameplay to show, people have wondered just how much “space” there will actually be in the new Dead Space. Well, evidently EA listened to those concerns and the new trailer shows nothing but pulse-pounding, space-bound action.

The plot details of Dead Space 3 are still pretty sketchy at this point, but evidently the engineer-turned-action-hero lead, Issac Clarke, arrives at a frozen planet named Tau Voltanis looking for a way to stop that pesky Necromorph problem he’s been fighting for the last two games. Apparently a significant portion of the game will be devoted to what happens in the space as Issac investigates a derelict flotilla of ships left in orbit. This is good news, as the sound design that was so impeccable in the last two games was at its best when all you could hear was the sound of Isaac’s breathing and the muffled impacts on your spacesuit while fighting Necromorphs in a vacuum.

As great as more space gameplay is, I think the best thing about this trailer is the fact that we finally get the notion that Issac is still as crazy as he’s been for the past two games. When it was announced that there would be a multiplayer co-op component to this game that would change some of the dialogue depending on whether or not you chose to play it that way, I was a little worried that they would downplay Issac’s growing madness in favor of streamlining the buddy-movie feel that it looks like the co-op would deliver. Isaac’s struggle against insanity is a really good parallel to his fight against the Necromorphs and overall makes for a far more intense experience, so I’m glad they realized its importance.

If you have a gaming system but maybe haven’t gotten the chance to play the Dead Space games before, I urge you to go out and give them a try before Dead Space 3 hits store shelves next February. Play it at night, alone, with the lights out, and I promise you will not be disappointed.