Daleks Invade Hogwarts And The Firefly Crew Is Adorable In This Art Roundup

By David Wharton | Updated

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Doctor Who. Harry Potter. They’re two of the most successful, most beloved genre properties out there, each with a passionate, devoted fanbase. Ask the fans which one’s better and you could easily set off a week’s worth of heated debate, furious brow-furrowing, and possibly some light to moderate physical violence. But I beg you, Who fans, Potter fans, can’t we all just get along? In fact, let’s celebrate our love of those excellent British exports by smacking them together until we get a doubly awesome hybrid. I give you the “Doctor Potter meme.”


art by bakerstreettogallifrey

In fact, we’re already halfway to a crossover as it is, since actor David Tennant bridged the gap as Doctor Who’s Tenth Doctor and Harry Potter”s Barty Crouch. And Barty apparently already has experience with Time Lord technology…


art by evadne

Of course, if the worlds of Potter and Doctor Who really were spliced together in some sort of epic multiversal crossover event, both sides would suddenly be facing all new dangers. For instance, does magic even work on Daleks? Well, it doesn’t look good for Hogwart’s in these shots.




art by kinghanalister

And Daleks aren’t the only threat that would face young Potter and friends.


art by we-reidentical

The Potter-verse’s remembralls would definitely come in handy if the gang was up against…uh…up against…what was I saying?



art by electric-bluevelvet

Not a big Who fan? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out these adorable tributes to the “younger years” of shows such as Firefly, The Walking Dead, and, okay, Doctor Who again. Sorry, I couldn’t leave the Who one out. These were all created by artist Patrick Ballesteros. Check out the little damn heroes!