Star-Crossed Trailer Mixes An Alien Invasion With Teen Romance

By Rudie Obias | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Along with The Tomorrow People, Star-Crossed is one of the new science fiction offerings from the TV network The CW this fall. While The Tomorrow People seems to be a lighter American version of MisFits (it’s actually based on another cult British series), Star-Crossed is an alien invasion/anti-segregation allegory with a teen romance angle at its center. It almost has a Twilight/The Host kind of vibe to it, mixed in with a little bit of Roswell. Let’s hope Star-Crossed turns out more like the latter than the former.

TV writer/producer Meredith Averill created the new science fiction series for the CW. Averill wrote for The Good Wife and the short-lived American Life on Mars remake. She got her start on television with the TV mini-series Samurai Girl, starring Jamie Chung, Brendan Fehr, and Stacy Keibler for ABC Family.

When the Atrian alien race crash-lands on Earth, a small Atrian boy named Roman (Matt Lanter) is befriended by a human girl named Emery (Aimee Teegarden), who was trying to keep him safe from the authorities that were hunting down the new alien race. With no way to leave the planet, the Atrians were forced to live on Earth separated from humans in concentration camps called The Sector. Many years have passed since “Arrival Day,” and humans and Atrians are slowly integrating when Roman and Emery meet again in high school.

The premise sounds interesting enough, with flourishes of other science fiction stories like V, Roswell, and District 9. The big concern is whether the teen romance element will suffocate the science fiction. A fair balance between the two genres could benefit something like Star-Crossed.

Star-Cross will premiere this fall on The CW.