CW Casts Leads for The Tomorrow People and Oxygen

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


When the phrase “hit science fiction TV” is spoken, one doesn’t automatically associate it with the CW network. which has never really been known for airing macho or edgy original programming. That could all change this fall (though it probably won’t), when the CW brings a handful of sci-fi into it’s lineup. Now we at least know who some of the shows’ cast members are, and if you can imagine, they’re all attractive, non-deformed actors. Perfect for the CW!

Deadline reports that both the reboot of the BBC series The Tomorrow People and the alien drama Oxygen have cast some of their lead characters, though the actors aren’t exactly household names just yet.

The Tomorrow People has added Australian actor Luke Mitchell to portray John Young, a member of the telepathic superteam who specializes in teleportation and plays a big role in recruiting others into the group, beneath the glaring eye of the government. Mitchell is best known for his work in the Australian dramas Home and Away, Neighbors, and H2O: Just Add Water. His sci-fi cred is only extended to include Phillip Marzella’s insanity-driven crime mystery, Cryptopticon.

Oxygen, which recently added Aimee Teegarden as its leading lady Emery, has cast Titus Makin Jr., to play Emery’s wacky best friend. Makin,Jr. is known mostly for his work on Glee, though he’s appeared in bit roles in a few other shows. Also, actress Malese Jow will join the cast as Julia, a sick girl who finds a second chance at hope thanks to the aliens who have assimilated into the town’s high school. Jow was last seen on Nickelodeon’s Big Rush, but CW viewers know her from The Vampire Diaries.

There are still quite a few characters left to cast for both of these shows, so stay tuned for further updates. In the meantime, Cult, right?