This Creepy Helix Season 2 Trailer Has Cults, Zombies, Islands, And More

By Brent McKnight | Published

Season 1 of Syfy’s bio-thriller Helix was, by almost all accounts, an up and down affair. Still, it was strong enough that the cable network gave the Ronald Moore-produced series a season 2, which kicks off early next year, and to hype their original content, they released this action heavy new trailer.

If you’re caught up on Helix, you know that the narrative eschewed the ice cold confinement of an arctic research base for a less snow-bound locale, an island in the middle of the sea, which offers a different kind of solitude and isolation. After discovering what is best described as a death boat, the intrepid CDC team investigates, but they’re not going to like what they find.

In this trailer you get to hear generic statements like, “This island is not what it seems,” which, if you weren’t already on board the Helix train, might not immediately convince you to buy a ticket. On this mysterious island, not only is there the makings of a potential pandemic of fucked up monsters, there’s also a sinister isolationist cult, led by Wings star Steven Weber. They’ve cut off all contact with the outside world, of course, and with those hooded robes and torches, I can’t help but get a distinct Omega Man vibe from this new footage.

As much as we can all appreciate what the CDC does, going into hot zones and all kinds of hazardous places ravaged by terrifying diseases, you don’t always automatically think of them as badass wrecking crew. But that’s definitely what they appear to be going for here, as Billy Campbell, also not a badass, says things like, “We’re the CDC, we don’t run.” You have to do what you can to make your heroes heroic.

Just in case you’re a slacker like me and are way, way behind on Helix (I’m admittedly only two episodes deep), Syfy also released this handy dandy recap video that should catch you up in approximately five minutes. That way you can jump right into the new episodes if you’d like. From the looks this trailer, as well as the change in setting and introduction of a ton of new characters, it seems like, while not quite a reboot, you might be able to watch season 2 without having seen season 1. There will probably be some things you don’t understand, but this appears to be a fairly distinct, separate arc.

Helix season 2 premieres Friday, January 16, the same night Syfy debuts their new 12 Monkeys series.