Say, Or (Chewbacca Noise), Merry Christmas With Star Wars Cards

By Nick Venable | Updated

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tingling too. Also, there are laser guns pyoon-pyoonaling, and Vader masks huff-huffling. Though it isn’t December yet, Christmas is afoot in the Star Wars¬†universe. And, for better or worse, the big jolly guy with the white beard only has consulting duties from now on, while his fur-covered elves create Empire defeat in his workshop. Would that be on Hoth’s North Pole?

To commemorate the occasion, Brooklyn artist PJ McQuade has added two new entries to his Star Wars Christmas Card creations. I wasn’t aware of them before, so they were all new to me. McQuade’s knack for mixing fantasy elements into his realistic illustrations is quite impressive, beyond his intergalactic holiday greeters. But that’s what we care about on this website: greetings.

Desert jester Salacious B. Crumb is the subject of first addition, “Have a Salacious Holiday Season,” just hanging out in front of Leia’s boobs, holding his candy cane. I can’t think of a single adolescent male who hasn’t thought of doing this exact thing without the candy metaphor. The Christmas sweater isn’t flattering in the least, but it looks fitting. I hope Jabba doesn’t ask to borrow it.

Next up is a very un-celebratory pose from Chewbacca, donning a large pair of reindeer antlers in “Wookiee, Guide My Sleigh Tonight.” Sure, he’s smiling, but the heart of a smile lies in the eyes, and Chewie just looks like he wants to get in from the wind and maybe get a hot cup of java. What kind of cup? A Solo, of course.

Both are available on McQuade’s Etsy site, along with the other three cards and a slew of other prints and drawings. This is probably my favorite Star Wars-related piece of merch around.

So funny and perfect. I won’t be the one to kiss him, but I respect the decision of whomever does. Mostly, I like that it doesn’t necessarily need to be related to the films, and it could just be an ad Billy D. Williams puts out in the back of adult magazines.

And of course, Obi Wan Kenobraaaaaaaaains!!!