Battleship Gets The Inevitable CinemaSins Treatment

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

For a film as poorly planned, conceived, written, and acted as was Peter Berg’s Battleship, it’s kind of ridiculous that anyone would want to spend supplemental time with it in order to shine light on all of its faults, and that I would spend time writing about how good the video is at pointing out how terrible the movie is. But then, avoiding redundancies isn’t something humanity is known for.

CinemaSins are the YouTubers who rip popular big-budgeted movies apart for their “sins,” and while films like these always have factual errors for people to point out, a liberal dose of humor and opinions are thrown into these videos. But again, it’s fucking Battleship, possibly the biggest action clich√© to ever exist, replacing the dumb enjoyment – was it even that? – of The Expendables films with more unbelievable junk. For better or worse, here is “Everything Wrong With Battleship in 6 Minutes or Less.”

To speak nothing of Taylor Kitsch’s skills as an actor, his Alex Hopper character clearly takes one of the most brain-defying arcs in cinema. And for all the star power this film somehow boasted, it relied mostly on over-wrought dialogue and CGI wizardry. But hey, it makes for great viewing when you’ve got a glass of popcorn and a big old tub of vodka handy. No butter in the vodka please.