Japanese Battleship Trailer Works In An Asian Guy And More Battle Footage

By Joshua Tyler | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

This new Japanese trailer for the upcoming alien invasion flick Battleship does a number of genuinely hilarious things. For instance at 1:11 they’ve randomly worked in a shot of an Asian man, who I’m pretty sure is just one of the crew hanging around on the bridge and likely doesn’t even have a speaking role. But I’d watch this trailer just to hear the announcer shout “Battleship!” at the end. Priceless.

Also there’s some new footage of stuff being blown up. Watch…

This doesn’t do anything to convince me that this film isn’t just another installment in Hollywood’s quest to make war family friendly. You can’t make movies in which people fight other people, those might get an R-rating. So they keep inventing ridiculous reasons to have humans fighting aliens, because apparently, the MPAA doesn’t give a shit if you hack off the head of a tentacle wielding hell-beast from Epsilon 9. As a reason to make an alien invasion film, it’s not a good one.

Are you looking forward to Battleship? Tell me what I’m missing in the comments below.