Battleship Spoofed With An Exclusive Lost Scene

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

For those of you who didn’t see Battleship this weekend, and judging by the domestic boxoffice numbers not many of you did, E!’s The Soup took a moment out of their busy schedule to spoof Peter Berg’s love letter to science fiction excess. Granted, Battleship is already a caricature of the epic scale action movies of Michael Bay, but that’s not going to stop anyone from poking fun at it.

I actually enjoyed Battleship more than I’m entirely comfortable admitting in a public forum. I won’t claim it’s good, in fact it’s terrible in nearly every way a movie can be terrible, but it is just absurd enough to be enjoyable in the right frame of mind. The entire plot is kick started by a stolen microwave chicken burrito, so right away you know exactly what kind of ride it’s going to be. And when the theme from The Pink Panther plays as the protagonist breaks into a convenience store to steal said chicken burrito, something clicks and you realize that Berg is also aware of exactly how absurd his movie is.

This clip from The Soup is entertaining enough, good for a light chuckle, but not earth shaking. Giving a nod to the fact that Battleship is based on a board game with little to no actual story, they envision the cast of the movie employing one of the classic childhood cheating techniques, wherein one player “has to use the bathroom” and sneaks a peak at his opponent’s pieces. My personal favorite move was to hang the little plastic ships off of the edges of the board, to go off the grid if you will, so no matter what coordinates the other player called out they could never get that final hit that would sink my battleship.