The Autobots Ruin Lunch In This Animated Short

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Man, is it just me, or are the Autobots are kind of dicks? At least if you believe this short, stop-motion animated film Hasbro cooked up to help market their Kre-O line of Transformers toys. It’s too hard, too emotional—they ruin lunch! Just watch and then we’ll get together and discuss what total bastards Opitimus Prime and his gang of goons are.

Am I wrong? Seriously, all Megatron wants to do is eat a big-ass grilled cheese sandwich. Okay, we all know the Decepticons are evil, and it’s possible that this is a part of some greater plot to take over the world or ruin lunch for everyone else, but it certainly looks like the Autobots just jump right in and ruin a perfectly lovely noontime meal. I mean, listen to all of the Decepticons clap when the sandwich is done. They’re stoked. Maybe they’re even going to get a hot cup of tomato soup to go along with it.

Then again, Megatron does get a pretty kill-y glint in his eye when the Autobots show up on the scene. And the grilling apparatus does have a couple of settings that most cooking implements—you know, those not designed for evil—don’t generally need. In the end, I guess it doesn’t really matter. The bad guys are covered in viscous melted cheese product, and the good emerge victorious once again. All is right with the miniature world.

And this video is just damn adorable. I especially enjoy the festive little dance number at the end. That really seals the deal.