Four Sci-Fi Worlds On Netflix That Need More Movies

By Doug Norrie | Published

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When it comes to putting out sci-fi movies, Netflix has built some pretty expansive worlds within just single films. And there are some on the streaming platform that definitely deserve more attention, even full franchises about the concepts.

Let’s take a look at the sci-fi movies on Netflix that could stand for a follow-up, sequel, prequel, or even full franchise.

Outside the Wire

So, have you ever wondered what it’d be like if our future was crammed with android soldiers and high-tech warfare? Enter Outside the Wire.

Picture this: we’ve got Harp, a drone pilot who’s not too touchy-feely, teaming up with Leo, an android officer who’s more human than some humans! This duo is in a race against time to stop a looming global catastrophe.

But beyond the explosions and action sequences, this movie makes you go “hmmm…” as it delves deep into the consequences of drone warfare and the essence of human decisions in the heat of battle. It’s like Terminator meets a military strategy seminar.

Now, while Outside the Wire gives us a solid peek into this future, there’s just so much more going on. I mean, where did these androids even come from? And how’s your average Joe on the street dealing with all this futuristic military tech zooming around?

With all the rogue androids, political upheavals, and intriguing tech, this universe is just begging for some sequels or spin-offs.

Imagine a whole franchise unfolding different layers of this high-tech world! We could see more of what led to the rise of android warriors or how ordinary people navigate a life amidst looming metal soldiers.

Think of all the intriguing side stories and characters that could pop up! After watching Outside the Wire, I’m left wanting more, and I bet I’m not alone. This movie’s laid down some pretty cool groundwork, and there’s a whole world of sci-fi goodness waiting to be explored! Who’s with me?


Alright, ever had a night where you had an uncanny dream that felt way too real? Well, Michael Peña’s character in Extinction knows all about that!

This sci-fi gem throws us into a world where Peña’s nightmares about an alien invasion suddenly become a day-to-day reality. No, this isn’t your everyday bad dream after binging too much spicy food; it’s a full-blown “aliens-are-coming-for-us” situation.

Now, beyond the regular “hide from the aliens” hustle, Extinction adds a delightful twist, giving us a whole new perspective on human identity and survival instincts.

Without spoiling anything, the movie does some deep dives into the realms of memory, humanity, and what it means to be a protector. Sounds like a typical Tuesday, right?

But here’s the kicker: Extinction offers such a rich, unique universe that it’d be an absolute travesty not to expand it. Imagine spin-offs that explore other families’ experiences during the invasion or prequels diving into the origin of this alternate Earth.

Heck, I’d even watch a miniseries about the aliens’ planning meetings (you know, a peek behind the extraterrestrial curtain)! All in all, Extinction provides a playground for a whole array of intriguing narratives, and it’s high time we slide down the storytelling slide and delve deeper. Who’s up for another interstellar ride?

spectral sci-fi movies netflix

Gather ’round, sci-fi enthusiasts! Remember the time when we were kids and were convinced that ghosts lurked in our closets? Well, Spectral takes that innocent fear and dials it up to an eleven on the “Oh Heck No!” scale.

Imagine: not just seeing apparitions, but ones that can literally harm you. These aren’t your average bedtime-story phantoms; these are deadly, ethereal entities causing chaos in a war-torn European city. Soldiering in an urban combat zone is already tough, but throw in lethal apparitions? Talk about a rough day at the office.

Now, apart from its haunting visuals (pun intended), Spectral brilliantly melds the supernatural with science. It’s not just about shooting at things that go bump in the night; it’s about understanding them.

The film unravels like a high-stakes detective story with a sci-fi twist, and the entire setting screams franchise potential.

Picture this: sequels that delve deeper into the origins of these spectral entities, or spin-offs focusing on other supernatural events in this universe. Or perhaps a prequel showcasing the initial appearance of these apparitions?

The possibilities are endless and, let’s be real, who wouldn’t want more spectral showdowns with a mix of brains and brawn? C’mon Hollywood, don’t leave us hanging; the world of Spectral is just too tantalizing to be contained in a single movie!

I Am Mother
sci-fi movie netflix

Ah, I Am Mother! Remember those heartwarming tales of parental love? Well, take that sentiment, give it a sci-fi twist, and you get a robot named Mother raising a human child post-apocalypse.

That’s right, it’s not your typical bedtime story. Instead of “once upon a time,” it’s more like “once upon a time… in a lab.”

The intriguing premise centers around Mother, an AI-controlled robot, who’s out to repopulate the earth with humans grown in a lab, starting with a girl known simply as “Daughter.”

As Daughter grows up and starts questioning the reality presented to her, tension escalates, resulting in a thrilling cat-and-mouse game filled with suspense and unexpected twists. What truly sets I Am Mother apart is its deep dive into themes of trust, humanity, and the very nature of motherhood.

I am mother sci-fi movie netflix

Given the film’s philosophical depth and the rich dystopian setting, there’s undoubtedly ample room for expansion. How did the world end? What’s the story behind the creation of Mother?

And hey, while we’re brainstorming, what about exploring other robots raising human children in different parts of the world? Or the adventures of other “siblings” of Daughter? There’s a whole world, or rather, a post-apocalyptic version of one, waiting to be explored.

If one robot mother can give us so many feels and chills, imagine an entire franchise diving deeper into this beautifully constructed dystopia! Hollywood, take note! We’re ready for more AI-induced existential crises!