The Samuel L. Jackson Military Movie On Netflix That Needs Another Look

By Doug Norrie | Published

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With all that he’s done in recent years (read: Marvel and Nick Fury), it can be easy to forget that Samuel L. Jackson has played a solider of a different ilk before. So buckle up because we’re diving into a thrilling cinematic journey, the roller-coaster of a film, Basic. Now streaming on Netflix, this mystery-packed action movie promises to keep you at the edge of your seat, unwrapping layers of suspense one scene at a time.

Samuel L. Jackson, a powerhouse of talent, brings a magnetic presence to the screen, proving once again that he can indeed master any role thrown his way. Let’s delve deeper and see what Basic has to offer!

Basic stars John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson

In the murky, rain-soaked jungles of Panama, Basic orchestrates a tense tale that begins with a routine military training exercise going ominously awry. The story unfolds primarily through a series of interrogations led by DEA agent Tom Hardy, portrayed by the versatile John Travolta, who is called in to unravel the twisted series of events that transpired during the fateful exercise.

As he delves deeper, Hardy encounters conflicting testimonies, deceit and a tangled web of secrets and betrayals.

The plot thickens as other key players emerge, adding more layers to this intricate narrative. Connie Nielsen stars as Lieutenant Julia Osborne, a by-the-book officer who finds herself navigating through the complexities of the investigation alongside Hardy.

Joining Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta in Basic are Connie Nielsen and Giovanni Ribisi

Giovanni Ribisi portrays the quirky yet somewhat enigmatic tech expert, Kendall, whose role becomes more crucial as the storyline unfolds. Brian Van Holt takes on the role of the intense and fierce Sergeant West, Samuel L. Jackson’s character, whose leadership during the operation falls under intense scrutiny.

As you traverse through the labyrinthine narrative of Basic, the movie demands your utmost attention, keeping you guessing at every turn. A parade of red herrings, flashbacks, and ever-changing perspectives fuel the film’s mysterious atmosphere, making sure the audience is hooked till the very end. But worry not, we won’t spill the beans on the climax – this roller-coaster of suspense and action is best experienced firsthand!

Samul L. Jackson And Basic Didn’t Perform Well With Critics

Basic was met with mixed responses from critics, with many appreciating its star-studded cast but critiquing the convoluted plot and perhaps excessive twists. Samuel L. Jackson, renowned for his powerful on-screen presence, delivered a performance that was, as usual, met with nods of approval, portraying Sergeant West with the commanding authority audiences have come to expect from him. 

John Travolta’s performance as Tom Hardy was generally appreciated, with critics noting his capacity to weave through the story’s intricacies with a controlled and intense performance.

However, the movie found itself in the crosshairs of critics who found the plot to be too tangled and muddled, with some even describing it as a “labyrinthine confusion.” Critics felt that the continuous plot twists, while aiming to amplify the suspense, sometimes led to a narrative that was hard to follow, leaving viewers more perplexed than engaged. It’s currently sitting at 21 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Furthermore, the film was criticized for not fully fleshing out the secondary characters, which could have potentially added depth to the narrative. Despite a cast that promised a lot, many felt that the screenplay did not do justice to their talents, with a narrative structure that seemed more intent on outsmarting the audience rather than delivering a coherent and satisfying thriller.

While it had moments of intrigue and a commendable performance from the cast, Basic couldn’t quite shake off the feeling of being a missed opportunity to create a memorable military mystery thriller. The movie ultimately had a lukewarm reception at the box office, reflecting the mixed reviews it received from critics.

In the grand realm of military thrillers, Basic might not be the beacon of storytelling mastery. Yet, it stands as a testament to Samuel L. Jackson’s undeniable on-screen magnetism and prowess, proving once again that his performance can elevate the essence of a film.

Though tangled in a web of its ambitious plot twists, it serves a hearty dish of mystery and suspense for those craving a labyrinthine narrative journey.

As it finds its place on Netflix, perhaps it will rediscover an audience who appreciates its crafty, albeit sometimes overwrought, narrative structure. Whether you’re a Samuel L. Jackson enthusiast or a fan of twisty narratives, Basic offers a thrilling ride that promises a no-holds-barred exploration into the murky depths of military secrets and conspiracies.

Grab your gear and join this whirlwind military expedition, as the movie Basic unravels its enigmatic narrative once again for viewers to dissect and discuss.