Samuel L. Jackson Cast As The Father Of A Comic Strip Icon

By James Brizuela | 2 weeks ago

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Some might say that Chris Pratt has been cast in everything. He is oddly voicing Mario in the new Super Mario film being concocted by the same studio that made Despicable Me. He is also going to be the voice of everyone’s favorite cynical cat, Garfield. However, Pratt is not the only star who has found himself in plenty of movies, especially lately. None other than the perennial actor, Samuel L Jackson, is now joining the Garfield movie. The casting sees Jackson take on the role of a new character named Vic. Vic is said to be Garfield’s father.

While most would have thought that Samuel L Jackson would have taken on the role of Jon Arbuckle, which would have also been hilarious, he is meant to take on the role of parent to the laziest orange cat around. There is no telling how this character will be portrayed, but we are hoping he is the bipolar opposite of Garfield. Imagine a cat that has tons of energy and hates lasagna. Or better yet, what if he was the ultimate lazy cat. A god amongst the lazy cats. There are just so many ideas that make this casting fantastic. Apparently, the film is still going to feature Jon and Odie but will have the added Vic character and of course, Garfield.

The Garfield movie is going to be directed by Mark Dindal who famously directed other animated features like Chicken Little and Emperor’s New Groove. It will still be based on Jim Davis’ comic strip. David Reynolds adapted the script, and he famously wrote the script for Finding Nemo. John Cohen of Despicable Me and Angry Birds fame is producing the film alongside Steven P. Wegner. Alcon is producing the film with DNEG Animation, which is also animating the film. The film will be distributed through Sony Pictures Entertainment. This is a lot of talent to guide Samuel L Jackson and Chris Pratt.

The last Garfield film was the ill-fated Bill Murray starring feature which saw the man take on the voice of the laziest cat ever. He was joined by Breckin Meyer and Jennifer Love-Hewitt. The dual animation and live-action venture didn’t do too well, even considering having someone like Bill Murray in the starring role. The film was critically panned and mostly unlike by audiences. Hopefully, this new feature will correct those wrongs. It surely has a great producing and writing staff behind it, and well, Samuel L Jackson too. Though he is not going to be Garfield, we can expect him to have a great supporting role. Chris Pratt always brings in the crowds too, despite people feeling that we have seen too much of him lately.

Garfield is currently in the casting stages, so there are no further announcements as far as when production will start. However, with casting announcements, there is a good chance that pre-production will get underway soon. If filming begins by this summer, we could be seeing this new Garfield feature in Q2 of next year, which would be anywhere from April to June of 2023. So far, the film has Chris Pratt as Garfield and Samuel L Jackson as Vic. We can’t wait to see how this one turns out.