Sacha Baron Cohen Cast As Marvel’s Mephisto?

Sacha Baron Cohen has been rumored to be cast as Mephisto for Ironheart.

By James Brizuela | Published

The internet can often be full of rumors and dream cast situations, especially when it comes to Marvel. However, a new rumor has been spinning which states that Sacha Baron Cohen has been cast as Mephisto in the MCU and that he will be appearing as the villain pulling the strings in the Ironheart series. While fans would surely like to see Mr. Cohen in the MCU, the more exciting news is that the man is being targeted for a role that everyone had previously been talking about when WandaVision was at its height.

Considering the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange are two of the biggest magic users in Marvel, everyone was convinced that Mephisto would also play a part in both their lives considering he is a demon that wields dark magic among many other powers. However, he has yet to show up, though everyone is banking on him playing a huge part in Ironheart. The cast of the series had discussed the “battle between magic and technology” being one of the main concerns of the series, and that could mean Sacha Baron Cohen as Mephisto showing up would be the route to take.


This theory has also been further expanded on considering the main villain for Ironheart is going to be The Hood, who is set to be portrayed by Anthony Ramos. The Hood possesses street-level magic, but many have wondered where that magic comes from, and it could be that he is being provided these powers by an outside source. It could be that Mephisto is going to be pulling the strings and providing the Hood’s power, and Sacha Baron Cohen could be taking on the role of the superior demon.

Mephisto is a demon that is meant to simulate Lucifer, though he is not in the comics. He does get energized by the sources of evil in the human world, which we would imagine is a lot, especially if he can convince humans to do bad things. Sacha Baron Cohen does have the type of gravitas to pull off being a demon with heightened persuasion, so this casting would make perfect sense.

Although it is only a rumor, fans have been longing for Mephisto to appear in the MCU. There were several hints that Wanda was being controlled by him in WandaVision, though it ended up being more so done by Agatha Harkness. While she is also a powerful witch in her own right, but Mephisto would have been great, especially if it was Sacha Baron Cohen showing up back then.

There have been plenty of rumors popping up about big-name actors finally making their way to the MCU. One is Harrison Ford, which we reported is taking over the role of Thunderbolt Ross for Thunderbolts and Captain America 4. Adding Sacha Baron Cohen as Mephisto to this list would be amazing, and it is time to get a higher-level magic user in the game, besides the magic users mostly being dominated by the likes of Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange.

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