Roger Corman Honored With Incredible Restored Movies Heading Back To Theaters

By Douglas Helm | Published

Film Masters is teaming up with the American Genre Film Archive to bring some Roger Corman classics back to theaters. Film Masters is handling the restoration, while the non-profit film archive and distributor AGFA will make them available in theaters. Some of Corman’s titles that will be hitting screens include Creature From the Haunted Sea, Beast From the Haunted Cave, Ski Troop Attack, Little Shop of Horrors, Devil’s Partner, and The Terror.

The King Of B Movies

For those who are unfamiliar with the late Roger Corman, he was a director and producer who was known for his work on low-budget and independent films. One of his numerous monikers was “The King of B Movies,” as he produced hundreds of cult classic films that were endlessly watchable. Corman passed away earlier this month at the age of 98.

Roger Corman Built Hollywood

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Along with creating some of the best B moves and cult classics of all time, Roger Corman was also known for his impeccable ability to find talent. Corman discovered Hollywood giants like Robert de Niro, Jack Nicholson, Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard, James Cameron, and many more. Of course, Corman was no slouch himself, with some of his best efforts being films like House of Usher and the aforementioned Little Shop of Horrors.

Rare Theatrical Showings Of Corman Classics

The Film Masters’ restored versions of these films should be a treat for any Roger Corman fan to catch in theaters. This is especially true for showings of Creature From the Haunted Sea, which includes recent commentary from Corman for the home video release. The film is a horror comedy directed by Corman in 1961 that follows a criminal who plans to blame the murder of a group of exiles on a sea monster, only for the sea monster to actually show up.

Beast from the Haunted Cave tells the story of bank robbers trying to make an escape in the snow, only to cross paths with a human-eating spider monster. The film began as a collaboration between Roger Corman and Monte Hellman, with Hellman eventually directing. Meanwhile, Roger’s brother, Gene Corman, produced it.

Filmed Movies At The Same Time

Beast From the Haunted Cave was actually filmed at the same time as Ski Troop Attack, which was directed by Roger Corman and follows American soldiers skiing on a reconnaissance mission behind enemy lines during World War II. Devil’s Partner follows a town that begins to suspect an old hermit is a warlock after strange happenings begin to occur. This film was distributed by Roger and Gene’s Filmgroup and was a double feature alongside Creature From the Haunted Sea.

Worked With A Young Nicholson

The Terror follows a French officer, played by Jack Nicholson, who is seduced by a shapeshifting woman. The film is especially notable for the fact that Francis Ford Coppola and Nicholson both took on directing duties that are uncredited in the final film. Finally, there’s the 1960 version of Little Shop of Horrors, which became the basis for an Off-Broadway musical and, eventually, the cult classic 1986 film. 

Only In Theaters For A Limited Time

If you’re a fan of B movies, then you should definitely check out at least one of these Roger Corman films if there’s a screening near you. Other titles that will be released from the Film Master collaboration include Battle of the Worlds, Common Law Wife, Crippled Masters, Right Hand of the Devil, Redneck Miller, The Scarlet Letter, The Swiss Conspiracy, and Tormented. There are also more Film Masters films set to be announced later this year.

Source: Variety