Ryan Reynolds Reveals A First Look At Spirited With Will Ferrell

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell are only just starting to give audiences an early peek at what they've been working on together.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell are only just starting to give audiences an early peek at what they’ve been working on together. Spirited wrapped up filming in late 2021, and until now, not much has been shared. Ryan Reynolds has just hopped on social media to change that with a teaser video that’s full of real photos from behind the scenes and jokes from the star that include screenshots of Ferrell sending him Venmo payment requests for coffee and TikTok appearances.

You can see the first teaser from Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell’s Spirited below.


Spirited is based on A Christmas Carol, the classic novel by Charles Dickens. There have been many adaptations of this holiday story told in the past. Similar to the Muppets’ take with Michael Caine, Spirited is a musical. Ryan Reynolds is playing the lead role of Ebeneezer Scrooge. Will Ferrell is Christmas Present. As revealed on the coffee cups in the teaser above, there will also be a Past (played by Sunita Mani) and Yet-To-Come. The Yet-To-Come (or Future) character has yet to be announced. Octavia Spencer has joined the cast in an unknown role, but Collider hears that she may be playing a coworker of Reynolds’ character.

While the video from Ryan Reynolds includes some jokes, it also shows photos of the two rehearsing their musical scenes on set, Ryan Reynolds standing at a podium in front of a sign for the National Association of Christmas Tree Growers, and photos that appear to be stills from the movie with the cast in character.

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Octavia Spencer, Ryan Reynolds, and Will Ferrell in Spirited

Spirited doesn’t have an official release date yet. The movie wrapped up filming in late 2021. When it does release, it will be available for streaming on Apple+. It’s expected to come out during the 2022 holiday season.

Previously, Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds shared a video of the two on set, singing the song “Grace Kelly” for a viral TikTok challenge. While that didn’t give the audience much of a look at the movie itself, it did show off how well the pair get along, how they enjoy singing together, and a glimpse of the antics the two comedic actors will surely get into when they start really promoting this movie in 2022.

Currently, Ryan Reynolds is on a break from acting. The announcement came just as he finished filming on Spirited. While he didn’t share how long his break will be for, he did reveal that the reason is so he can spend more time with his family. With how busy the actor has been in recent years, this time is well-deserved. In 2021, audiences saw Ryan Reynolds in The Hitman Wife’s Bodyguard, Free Guy, and most recently, Red Notice. This last movie was released on Netflix for streaming and saw him co-star alongside Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson in an action thriller story. Fans are expecting a sequel for both Red Notice and Free Guy to come together soon, and are awaiting news on when Ryan Reynolds will return to the set for Deadpool 3.