Ryan Reynolds Getting Big Money To Work With A Streaming Service?

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

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Ryan Reynolds feels like everything he touches turns into a hit these days. That’s what happens when you head up an insanely popular comic book movie franchise and have a whole host of other projects on the way as well. There are going to be a lot of opportunities and companies vying for your services. That’s the case with Reynolds and Netflix because according to insider Daniel Richtman, the streaming service is really incentivized to keep the acting superstar around. According to the latest news, they are prepared to offer him huge dollars to stick around and continue working with them over the long haul.

While the exact number Netflix is offering Ryan Reynolds to stay on the platform isn’t known, we can assume it’s a massive figure. After all, this is a guy who is the *face* of one of the biggest and most popular superhero franchises around. He’s an A-lister’s a-lister who can crank out all kinds of films, but especially those with mass, cross-generational appeal. While we can’t confirm what the actual new deal would look like, it’s easy to look at some other dollar amounts he’s pulled in for films to begin to get an understanding. 

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For starters, it’s estimated he earned somewhere in the $20 million dollar range for Deadpool 2 (the number was $2 million for the first movie) with the number ticking up to possibly $40 million if backend distribution numbers trickled in his way. Plus, it was reported back in August that Ryan Reynolds and Netflix had struck a deal on the upcoming film Red Notice to have the actor paid $20 million as well. This was around the time it was being reported that he was signing a four-year deal with the streaming platform. The numbers or validity on that deal were never officially confirmed and this latest rumor could still be working within the same framework. 

But of course, almost independent of the dollar amount, it’s obvious why Netflix would want to keep Ryan Reynolds around. When he was last on the platform in Michael Bay’s 6 Underground, the flick did massive numbers, apparently streaming to more than 83 million accounts in the first four weeks after release. This marks one of the best viewer receptions the platform has ever seen. And, of course, Deadpool 3, while not on Netflix, will likely only increase the exposure for the actor considering it’s the character’s first turn in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

We’ll have to wait for more news on whether Netflix is able to lock Ryan Reynolds up over the long term with a huge check. The aforementioned Red Notice is coming out sometime this year and will likely be another hit. Along with Reynolds, there a couple of other actors you may have heard of before, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, co-starring in the film. That’s lining up to be about as star-studded a movie as they come. It will likely be one of Netflix’s biggest movies yet.