Ryan Gosling Nabs Sci-Fi Space Adventure Project Hail Mary

By Britta DeVore | Published

ryan gosling

Masterfully bouncing from one project to another seems to be Ryan Gosling’s superpower and, just one week before his latest feature, The Fall Guy, crashes into cinemas, the actor has already landed yet another gig. This time, he’ll be joining creative duo, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, on their space flick, Project Hail Mary, which will be an adaptation of Andy Weir’s 2015 novel of the same name. The filmmakers and their Academy Award-nominated star will be creating the film under the Amazon MGM banner and, with their collaborative powers combined, this one will undoubtedly be a financial success.

Project Hail Mary

Ryan Gosling’s latest feature is set to hit audiences on a gargantuan scale as it will be filmed for Imax, meaning you’ll want to catch it in the biggest cinema possible to get the full effect of this spaceman’s harrowing story. In Project Hail Mary, Gosling stars as a schoolteacher named Ryland Grace who has switched careers to become an astronaut – quite a shift if we do say so ourselves. While on his latest mission traveling the cosmos, something happens that causes Ryland to fall into a coma and, when he comes to, on a space station, he has no idea who he is or what mission he was sent on.

Lost In Space

Slowly but surely, Ryan Gosling’s character begins to regain the knowledge of his previous life and, eventually, he recalls that he’s somewhere out in the Tau Ceti solar system – a whopping 12 light-years from Earth. As more bits of his assignment pop into his mind, he remembers that he’s the one person who can change the course of the world’s almost immediate collapse as the early stages of an Ice Age have begun to take hold. Still believing that he’s completely alone out there, as the events of Project Hail Mary unfold, there may be someone – or something – that can help Ryland save his home planet and also himself before it’s too late. 

Spring 2026 Release

As of right now, no further casting details have been revealed that would paint a better picture of who we can expect to see opposite Ryan Gosling in Project Hail Mary. But, we at least know the release date of March 20, 2026, meaning that we have almost a full two years to wait until we get to see the space drama unfold. No other major titles have been announced to celebrate their opening that weekend and, with the Barbie actor and the rest of the names involved in Project Hail Mary, it’s more than likely that competitors will try to stay away from debuting during those days.

First Man

ryan gosling

This marks Ryan Gosling’s return to the cosmos after having appeared as the legendary astronaut, Neil Armstrong, in Damien Chazelle’s (Babylon) 2018 biographical drama, First Man. The movie largely flew under the radar, which is surprising considering the names attached to it, and followed the work that went into sending Armstrong and his peers on the first moon exploration. Project Hail Mary gives Gosling a second take at space and will likely be a much different tone than the very serious First Man

The Fall Guy

ryan gosling

While you wait for Ryan Gosling to toss on his astronaut suit in Project Hail Mary, you can catch the actor as he crashes through breakaway glass and crushes on Emily Blunt in David Leitch’s action flick, The Fall Guy

Source: Deadline