Robert Pattinson’s First The Batman Poster Leaked

Check out the new poster for The Batman with Robert Pattinson in the role as the Caped Crusader. He's set to have a new spin on the character.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Robert Pattinson is set to join the comic book movie ranks in the next year or so. It’s an exciting, though rather unexpected, move for the actor who at one point looked like he’d be pigeon-holed into the role of brooding teen heartthrob and nothing more. But he’s pulled off a career reimagining and is going to be playing Batman for the foreseeable future. It’s an exciting prospect and now we have our first glimpse at some promotional material for the flick courtesy of Reddit

The leaked photo is a poster of sorts, adverting material for the new Hot Wheels Batmobile that will be sold in conjunction with the movie release. The picture is grainy, but you can see from the shot the direction the movie will take in separating itself, and Robert Pattinson as Batman, from the previous iterations we’ve seen of the character. Like the movie, from what we’ve seen, there’s more a noir feel and it harkens back to some older movies in this sense. Check it out:

This new look for Batman will have Robert Pattinson going back to the Caped Crusader’s first year of fighting crime. From the initial trailers we’ve seen, the flick has a much darker feel than other versions (which is really saying something) and should have a much more stripped-down sensibility than either the Christian Bale or Ben Affleck versions of the character. There are plenty of examples of this but this recently-leaked picture lends itself to the ideas as well. Even the new Batmobile, a facsimile of an American muscle car like a Dodge Challenger or Ford Mustang is different than Bale’s Bat-Tank or Affleck’s sports car. 

This Robert Pattinson version of Batman is set to exist in an alternate timeline than the other ones we’ve seen, specifically the recent Justice League group of characters. He’s not coming in to replace Ben Affleck, but rather to establish a new universe of characters, both heroes and villains alike. He’s already signed on for multiple movies despite this first one not even hitting screens yet. Warner Bros. and DC have shown confidence in what the actor can bring to the role and obviously like the new path for the character. 

robert pattinson

We still have about a year until we are able to officially see Robert Pattinson as the new Batman. The movie isn’t set to release until March 4, 2022, so there should be plenty of leaks and other surprises coming out over the next 10 months or so. The wait has been a long one. It originally was supposed to have hit screens in June of this year, but Covid-19 and pandemic-related closings pushed back the timeline considerably. That’s just the new world order with these movies. Hollywood basically sat the year out with big releases. 

When it finally hits screens rest assured we will be getting a whole new look at Batman. Robert Pattinson is definitely going to bring a spin to the character we simply haven’t seen on the big screen yet. Gone will be the flash and histrionics, replaced with a character who is just getting into the crimefighting (emphasis on the *figthing*) swing of things against characters like The Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, and more. It’s set to be a very cool film, building an entirely new world for Batman.