The Worst The Lord Of The Rings Character Is Coming In Rings Of Power?

Rumors are circulating that Tom Bombadil will make an appearance in Season 2 of The Rings of Power.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

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While we still don’t have a release date for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 2, the good news is that production has already started, and the next season of the series based on The Lord of the Rings franchise has begun filming. And although not much is yet known about what the second season will entail, rumors have begun circulating online that the obscure and controversial character, Tom Bombadil, will become entangled in the plot. While these are still rumors, and nothing has been confirmed by Amazon Prime or a representative for the series, reports that TheOneRing.Net is pretty certain Tom will appear in the next season.

The plot for The Rings of Power season 2 is mysterious and pretty much unknown, just like J.R. R. Tolkien’s character of Tom Bombadil. Tom didn’t appear in any of Peter Jackson’s films based on The Lord of the Rings series, and he only appears in the first Lord of the Rings book, Fellowship of the Ring. The character also appears in another Tolkien work that is unrelated to the adventures of Bilbo or Frodo Baggins but still takes place in Middle Earth—The Adventures of Tom Bombadil

The Rings of Power season 2 has already made some unexpected moves for the series, such as the recasting of the orcish leader and main villain, Adar, who was originally played by Joseph Mawle in season 1. This move proves that the show is not afraid to take controversial action, such as including Tom Bombadil in their next season, who is often considered the worst Lord of the Rings character.  While some fans might be excited that this obscure character will finally get some screen time, many of the Lord of the Rings fanbase consider Tom’s character to be pointless since, in the books, his chapters are composed of long-winded poetry and, as a character, he never does anything to drive the plot forward.

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Since Tom is one of the oldest beings on Middle Earth, it could make sense for The Rings of Power season 2 to include him in the plot. However, despite Tom’s immense power over nature and his seemingly benevolent way of being, he is a reclusive character who prefers to live in the depths of his forest with his wife, Goldberry, and he never took a stand against any of Middle Earth’s Dark Lords. It would be interesting to see how The Rings of Power will write him (if he is indeed part of season 2) and whether they will change any of Tolkien’s original Tom Bombadil lore.

The Rings of Power season 2, like season 1, is developed by J. D. Payne and Patrick McKay and distributed by Amazon Studios through the Amazon Prime streaming platform, where it quickly became a hit, record-smashing series. The series has a large ensemble cast which includes Morfydd Clark as Galadriel, Ismael Cruz Cordova as Arondir, Robert Aramayo as Elrond, and Charlie Vickers as Halbrand. Additional cast includes Markella Kavenagh, Megan Richards, and Sara Zwangobani.

The Rings of Power season 2 will also introduce several new actors, including The Witcher’s Yasen Atour, although his role is still undisclosed.