Regina King On Whether She’s Directing The Next Superman Movie

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

regina king

The next Superman movie is starting to take shape in some ways and still open ended in other ways. While there has been some firm news on the production route and who is penning the script, we still don’t know who is going to be behind the camera when they put out this next film. Apparently there is currently a shortlist of folks being considered for the director spot and one of them could be Regina King. But for the actress/ director this was total news when she was told live during an interview with MSNBC. When the “news” dropped it was a total surprise for King. 

regina king

The interview with Regina King was on MSNBC with Tiffany Cross. During the question and answer, the two discuss a number of different topics including King’s career and her work in bringing topics of race to the big and small screen. But at the end of the interview Cross asks Regina King to respond to rumors that she’s on the “shortlist” of directors, including Barry Jenkins, to direct the next Superman film. 

To this question Regina King is clearly surprised. In fact she says, “…that’s news to me…” in what is clearly a moment that caught her off guard. If she’s heard about the possibility of maybe taking over the helm of this movie, she faked it pretty well. But in reality, this was likely the first time she’d heard her name thrown into the ring for the possible director’s spot for this next film. 

regina king

Regina King made her feature film directorial debut this past year with One Night in Miami. Starring Kingsley Ben-Adir, Eli Goree, Aldis Hodge, and Leslie Odom Jr. it tells the story of a single night spent with Malcolm X, Cassius Clay (who would then become Muhammad Ali), Jim Brown, and Sam Cooke. The film focuses on these four coming to grips with their roles in the fight for equality and how their fame was an important part in shifting the discussion. The film was universally praised, sitting at 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and even getting a few Academy Awards nominations. It put King on the map as a director. 

The discussion about this next director for the upcoming Superman movie has been up in the air ever since the movie was first announced. It will exist outside of the current Justice League franchise will recast the role with someone besides Henry Cavill. J.J. Abrams is on the executive producer and acclaimed writer Ta-Nehisi Coates is penning the script. The speculation is that a black actor will be cast in the lead role with the story likely following the Calvin Ellis storyline from the comics. And with it there is discussion about bringing a black director in as well. Regina King has, apparently, been in discussion for this role. 

Again, as of right now, if her reaction is any indication, Regina King isn’t close to signing a contract to helm a Superman movie. But if she got the part it would be a fitting addition to the movie. Between her work on HBO’s Watchmen and her directing chops as well, she’s one the most talented folks around.