Watchmen Season 2 Happening After All?

Watchmen Season 2 might actually be in the works.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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The Watchmen series ended more than a year ago, bringing the franchise’s reboot to a close and earning the series’ its critical acclaim. Unfortunately, with the conclusion of the HBO series’ final episode, all talks about the continuation of the series stopped, apart from the fandom’s outcry for more of the Watchmen. If the rumors hold true, Watchmen Season 2 might still happen after all.

According to the news brought to us by the insider Daniel Richtman, Watchmen is getting a Season 2 of the series, though he doesn’t offer any other insight. This news, and the lack of any further details surrounding it, directly contradicts two people who are directly responsible for making the Watchmen show in the first place. However, things are always shifty in the entertainment business. One of those people did say “never say never”, but the opacity of the newly rumored information isn’t tied to any specifics regarding the show – rendering it improbable. We can still hope, right?

Well, we could hope, since Watchmen was originally announced as an ongoing series, but that changed once its showrunner, Damon Lindelof, dropped from the show, discontinuing any further efforts into creating Watchmen Season 2. The writer-producer of the television adaptation said that the first season, which he thinks concludes the entire show, was his take on the franchise and his one minute on the dance floor. He said that his one minute expired, and he’s quietly standing on the edge of the dance floor, waiting for someone else’s turn to dance.

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This was his symbolic way of saying that Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ original Watchmen, the comic book, was perfect in its own right. Zack Snyder’s movie, which sat over two decades in the development limbo, was a pretty canonical adaptation of the 12 issues of the comic, and that Lindelof had his take with a season of Watchmen television show with no plans for Watchmen Season 2. Now it’s someone else’s turn. With his departure from the show, any further plans were shelved by HBO, and the company later announced that they don’t have any further intentions in pursuing additional installments.

The story of Lindlof’s Watchmen was technically a sequel, with its narrative set in the pocket universe of the original story. The series’ plot takes place 34 years after the events of the comics and focuses on racial violence and injustice, mirroring the public’s anxiety of today, much like the original story reflected over the ongoing Cold War of the ’80s. Much like the original story tackled the political issues of the time, the first season of Watchmen tackled the issues of racial trauma, systematic racism, place brutality, and white supremacy the society faces today.

Sure, HBO’s officials, most notably the company’s president Casey Bloys, said the old-as-time “never say never” regarding the show, but Lindlof was quite clear regarding his repeated take on the story. It’s highly improbable that we’ll ever see the Watchmen Season 2, but hey, never say never – HBO might hire someone else to make the second season happen.