Ray Donovan Revisits The Past And Blasts Into A Violent Future In Finale Movie Trailer

Showtime releases the trailer for the Ray Donovan movie!

By Tyler Pisapia | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Fans of the Showtime drama series Ray Donovan have sat with an unsatisfying final episode for far too long. Now, they’re getting their first glimpse at the true conclusion to the story in the trailer for the upcoming movie. Following in the footsteps of other unsatisfactory series’ finales that were given the movie treatment like Deadwood, Sense8 and, to a lesser extent Alf, Ray Donovan left a bad taste in fans’ mouths when the season 7 finale had to act as a series finale unexpectedly after a hasty cancellation.

Fortunately, Showtime didn’t take long to rectify that mistake, announcing in February that the series will actually end with a two-hour feature-length movie that it hopes will tie up loose ends left over by the show. In fact, the trailer literally talks about loose ends as it sees noted fixer and all-around badass Ray Donovan on a very climactic-looking mission to finally end things with his father. In addition, the trailer promises that the movie will shift from the past to the present, unlocking more secrets of the Donovan family’s origin as well as how Mickey came to be the villainous man that he is. 

According to Collider, the season 7 finale left Ray Donovan in a somewhat sanguine place, having made good on the original pilot episode’s promise for the series. He avenged the death of his sister, but every other character and relationship in the show was left in an odd state of flux. After successfully fixing things for his most high-profile client yet, the mayor of New York City, he’s ready to shed his identity as a bad guy and enter life in a much more pure form. However, fans didn’t want to see that take place without Mickey getting his proper comeuppance. Fortunately, that will require Ray Donovan to reconnect with series characters like Ray’s brother Eddie Marsan as Terry, Dash Mihok as Ray’s brother Bunchy, Pooch Hall as Donovan’s half-brother Daryll, Kerris Dorsey as Ray’s daughter Bridget, and Katherine Moennig as Lena, along with Kerry Condon as Molly Sullivan.

As mentioned, Ray Donovan fans were pretty upset to learn that the series’ creators weren’t actually given the opportunity to put a bookend to the story and had to settle for the ending of a season as a closing chapter to the story. At the time, showrunner David Hollander spoke to Vulture and speculated that the CBS/Viacom merger likely had something to do with the executive decision to pull the plug on Ray Donovan so quickly. Fortunately, he also revealed that the writers didn’t exactly have a ton of runway left in mind. Season 8, if it had happened, was poised to be the show’s last. Now it seems both the fans and the minds behind the show will have to settle for simply condensing what would have been a final season into a two-hour epic movie set to air on Jan. 14. Will it satisfy everyone? Probably not, but Ray Donovan fans are used to things not always working out in the tight, easily digestible way they’re supposed to.