Pulp Fiction 2: How It Happens Before Tarantino Runs Out Of Numbers

Quentin Tarantino has said that his idea for Pulp Fiction 2 would be a prequel movie to the original.

By Rick Gonzales | Updated

Of all the great movies in Quentin Tarantino’s catalog, Pulp Fiction may end up as number one in terms of true masterpieces. Yes, Tarantino has made some amazing movies, from the underrated Jackie Brown to a bit of revisionist history with both Inglourious Basterds and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, but it is Pulp Fiction that is most referenced when it comes to Tarantino films. It’s one of the reasons a possible Pulp Fiction 2 has been discussed over the years.

There’s long been talk of Quentin Tarantino making Pulp Fiction 2, but so far it hasn’t materialized. With the clock possibly running out on his career, it’s now or never. So will we get Pulp Fiction 2? Here’s what we know so far.


Kill Bill

Some movies are built for them. Some movies are planned with a sequel or trilogy in mind. But Tarantino has never made one. Sure he made Kill Bill: Volume 2, but Kill Bill was filmed as one movie and then split up simply for run time. It was never intended as a sequel. If Tarantino ever makes Kill Bill: Volume 3, it will be his first real sequel.

It’s not that Tarantino is flatly against sequels, but most of his movies are intended as one-offs even if some may exist in a shared universe.

So, is there a case to be made for making Pulp Fiction 2? Often sequels pale in comparison to the original. Jaws and Jaws 2. The Exorcist and The Exorcist II: The Heretic. Basic Instinct and Basic Instinct 2. But there are also those rare occasions where a sequel can rise up and even surpass the brilliant original. Case in point, The Godfather: Part II. I know, I know, we are referencing quite possibly the greatest sequel created BUT it can happen.

Pulp Fiction was such a masterpiece in movie making (just like the original The Godfather) and was handled deftly by an amazing movie maker (just like Francis Ford Coppola did with The Godfather). Pulp Fiction 2 could easily be Tarantino’s Godfather II. So maybe the question shouldn’t be if the Pulp Fiction story lends itself to a Pulp Fiction 2 because it easily could, but SHOULD the brilliant masterpiece be touched? That’s up to Quentin Tarantino to decide.


Pulp Fiction 2

Yes, we’ve gone down this road before in a previous Tarantino article, so forgive us, but it does need to be revisited. Tarantino has often been asked about whether he’ll make Pulp Fiction 2 and the answer is that he’s thought about it. He’s thought about it a lot.

Quentin has even commented publicly on what Pulp Fiction 2 could look like and revealed that while it would be number two in the Pulp Fiction world, it would actually be a prequel.

The premise of Pulp Fiction 2, according to Tarantino, would focus on two characters: a younger Vincent Vega (the character played by John Travolta) and his brother Vic Vega (who was played by Michael Madsen in Tarantino’s first film, Reservoir Dogs).

“The only thing I did know was the premise,” Tarantino said of Pulp Fiction 2 via Cinema Blend. “I had a premise. It would’ve taken place in Amsterdam, during the time Vincent was in Amsterdam. He was running some club for Marsellus Wallace in Amsterdam, he was there for a couple years. In some point during his two years spent running that club, Vic shows up to visit him and it would’ve been their weekend. Exactly what happened to them or what trouble they got into I never took it that far.” And that’s about as far as it went.

Could it work as a premise for Pulp Fiction 2? Sure it could. Of course, we wouldn’t see John Travolta or Michael Madsen reprising their roles, age would play into that. But seeing the start of the Vega Brothers could be a lot of fun.

There was also talk, quite some time ago, of a true sequel to the Pulp Fiction story where Tarantino would continue to follow Samuel L. Jackson’s Jules Winnfield character. Not much more can be found on that Pulp Fiction 2 idea, as Tarantino hasn’t breathed a word publicly about this particular plan in eons.


Pulp Fiction 2

As Dirty Harry Callahan famously said, “I know what you’re thinking. ‘Did he fire six shots or only five’? Well to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I kind of lost track myself.” Now let’s see if we can make sense of this.

Quentin Tarantino has stated on more than one occasion that 10 is his final number. He’s done making movies after number 10. While we can pick at the true number, Tarantino counts nine so far. He isn’t including movies he’s written for others or his “guest-directing” spot for Robert Rodriquez. So, if he is already at nine, he has one left in the chamber. One left and many, many requests for more.

Tarantino sequel

What will Quentin Tarantino do as his tenth? Unfortunately, we can’t wrap this up in one tidy box. Is it Kill Bill: Volume 3? Could it possibly be the Double V Vega? Or does he go out with a bang on another original?

From all the scuttlebutt surrounding a possible Pulp Fiction 2, it doesn’t seem to be the frontrunner choice for QT. While the premise he spoke of does sound interesting, would this truly be the story fans would want to see?

Prequels can work (sometimes), but don’t forget Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd exists.