See Price Is Right Contestant Suffer On-Set Injury In Unbelievable Video

A Price is Right contestant dislocated his shoulder after celebrating a trip to Hawaii.

By Britta DeVore | Published

Although he won a magical trip to Hawaii, one The Price is Right contestant may have made out better had he won a lump sum of cash or – even better – some terrific health insurance. In an Instagram clip, which you can see below, a contestant named Henry celebrated a little too hard after nabbing his all-expenses paid trip of a lifetime. After jumping up and down and flailing his arms in the air, Henry learned that he wasn’t a teenager anymore as his shoulder dislocated.

In the video, we see The Price is Right host Drew Carey cheering Henry on as he puts it all on the line for his tropical getaway. After having just enough luck and landing the incredible vacation, Henry’s jumps for joy get a little bit too rowdy for his body to handle. The next we see of him, Henry is joined by his wife as Carey fills the viewers in on the contestant’s injury, giving his spouse the ability to spin the wheel for him since Henry’s arm is out of commission.

With their luck spinning over, the lucky couple lands on “95,” with both erupting into more celebration as Carey cheekily reminds Henry to take this one easy. Playing it off like a total champ, unless The Price is Right host had pointed out the contestant’s injury, no one would’ve been the wiser, and as is clear in the video, he didn’t let the pain wash across his face in such an extreme moment of joy. Shared on the show’s Instagram page, the folks behind the production’s social media informed followers that Henry was doing much better and fully recovering from his excitement-induced dislocation.

We’re sure Henry isn’t the first and won’t be the last contestant to go overboard with a celebration following a massive win on The Price is Right or any other major game show for that matter. With high stakes, a cheering audience, and enough stoke to start a wildfire, there’s no way to hold back the most celebratory moment – winning a trip, a cash prize, or even a fancy washer/dryer combo!

It’s also nice to see The Price is Right make its way back into headlines (even if it was all because of a dislocated shoulder) as its fellow game shows, Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, have long been basking in the spotlight. Jeopardy! the long-running trivia show has faced its fair share of setbacks since the original host Alex Trebek passed away a few years ago. With both Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings doing their best to win audiences over, fans have been less than pleased with the production over the last few months.

As for Wheel of Fortune, while Pat Sajak was making headlines for getting sassy and short with contestants, the show’s iconic host recently announced that he would be officially retiring from his position, with many fans wondering who would step in to take his place. The Price is Right’s Drew Carey could certainly give the next head of Wheel of Fortune some tips as, since he’s appeared as the game show’s host, he’s faced his fair share of highs, lows, and dislocated shoulders.