See Pedro Pascal’s First Fight Scene In The Last Of Us

The same doesn’t seem to hold for the upcoming Pedro Pascal starring HBO series, The Last of Us. Every new day comes with a leak from its sets.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

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The Mandalorian Season 2, despite the many leaks, still managed to surprise us with its last-minute twist. The same doesn’t seem to hold for the upcoming Pedro Pascal starring HBO series, The Last of Us. Though every effort has been made to keep the show’s plot, the appearance of its characters, and other details under tight wraps, every new day comes with a leak from its sets. And this time, it is a brief video of Pascal’s Joel engaged in a pretty intense fist fight!

In the video, shared by the Twitter page @tlounewsmedia, we see Pedro Pascal’s Joel tussle with another man, perhaps another survivor of the apocalypse, and push him against a tree. He then grabs his neck, puts him in a chokehold, and then proceeds to throw his assailant’s unconscious form on the ground. Though given the footage’s grainy quality, it is hard to pinpoint who else is in this The Last of Us scene, Bella Ramsey’s Ellie appears to be standing some distance away from the fight. She then attempts to run to Joel but is held back by someone. Check out the footage below:

The Last of Us will see Pedro Pascal play the prime character of Joel who is tasked with the mission of safely escorting a young Ellie across a post-apocalyptic United States. He has to protect Ellie at all costs as she is the only person immune to the infection running rampant across the country and thus will be instrumental in the creation of a plausible cure for the same. And by the looks of the recently leaked footage from the sets of the show, Joel will be facing many tough situations to complete his difficult mission. 

This is not the first (nor will it be the last) leak from the sets of The Last of Us, which is currently being shot. Recently, a video was leaked featuring a scene set in the Jackson City location from the games, where Joel and Ellie can be seen walking alongside Tommy. Also, a few days ago, many pictures and videos from this particular location were floating on Twitter, depicting Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey standing in a horse stable. Fans who have already played both The Last of Us games are already aware of the importance Jackson City holds in shaping the main storyline. 

These images confirm that the first season of The Last of Us will be covering events from both the first and second parts of the game. While it remains to be seen how faithfully the show will adapt the games for our TV screens, judging by these Jackson City location scenes, it appears that a major event from the games will indeed take place–the shocking death of Joel’s smuggling partner, Tess. Actress Anna Torv, who will play the character, was seen alongside Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in previous photos of scenes set in the Boston Quarantine Zone location. She is suspiciously missing in the Jackson City photos, which implies that the show will follow the game’s trajectory, and thus, by the time Joel and Ellie arrive in Jackson, Tess will have met her doomed fate. 

The shooting of The Last of Us is expected to wrap up by June next year, following which the Pedro Pascal starrer will debut on HBO sometime later in 2022.