Paul Giamatti Joining Highly Anticipated Trilogy?

By Douglas Helm | Published

Paul Giamatti is currently enjoying the critical acclaim of his recently released film The Holdovers, but he recently revealed a film that he would like to be a part of in the future. In a recent conversation on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Giamatti expressed that he would love to be in a murder mystery. More specifically, he would love to join Rian Johnson’s upcoming threequel Knives Out 3.

Paul Giamatti Wants A Part In Knives Out 3

Daniel Craig

In the interview, Paul Giamatti talked about how the classic murder mystery movies are making a comeback, highlighting the recent Agatha Christie films as recent examples. He also called out Knives Out 3 saying, “I would like to do something like that,” adding, “It would be fun to play a detective like that – or just somebody in that movie.” One thing is for sure – Giamatti would certainly be a great fit for the star-studded casts Johnson usually puts together for these films.

2019’s Knives Out Was An Instant Hit

knives out

While the detective role in the franchise is firmly taken by Daniel Craig’s brilliant Benoit Blanc, it would be easy to imagine Paul Giamatti playing one of the many suspects of the murder in Knives Out 3. Rian Johnson kicked off the franchise in 2019 and instantly won audiences over with the twisty and snappy narrative. Of course, it didn’t hurt that there was an amazing cast that included Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, LaKeith Stanfield, and Daniel Craig in top form with a hilarious country-fried accent.

Glass Onion

danie craig glass onion

The success of Knives Out led to the sequel Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery in 2022, where Daniel Craig reprised his role with the impressive cast being rounded out by Janelle Monae, Edward Norton, Dave Bautista, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., and Kate Hudson. As for Paul Giamatti’s chances of joining the cast for Knives Out 3, we at least know that the film is on the way.

The threequel was confirmed a while ago, but Rian Johnson did have to take a break from writing it temporarily when the Writer’s Guild of America strike began in May this year.

Knives Out 3 Still In Early Development

daniel craig glass onion

However, Rian Johnson recently provided fans with an update about the progress of the film, saying that he has the premise, setting, and overall vision for the film altogether and that he just has to put it all in writing. Since the film hasn’t even been written yet, it’s pretty likely that the cast hasn’t been decided yet other than Daniel Craig. That means that there is plenty of room left to include Paul Giamatti in the cast of Knives Out 3.

Paul Giamatti In The Holdovers

Whether or not Paul Giamatti ends up getting into Knives Out 3, or maybe even another sequel in the murder-mystery franchise, fans can at least check him out in his most recent film The Holdovers.

The Holdovers stars Giamatti as a grumpy instructor at a New England prep school, who finds himself making unexpected connections when he’s stuck on campus babysitting some of the students over Christmas break. Early reactions have said that this could lead to an Oscar nomination for Giamatti, so make sure to go check it out in theaters.