Pablo Schreiber Wants The Halo Series To Unlock An Important Master Chief Mystery

By James Brizuela | Published

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Pablo Schreiber Is Master Chief in New Halo Series

One of the most controversial decisions happening with the new Halo series is the fact that Master Chief is set to take off his helmet. While that certainly happened in the video game series, we never actually got to see his face. The game always cleverly panned away from the camera just before it was about to be shown. Being that Halo is a first-person shooter, the idea was to make the player believe that they could be Master Chief or they were actually him while deeply involved in the game. Makes sense. Now the actor who is taking on the role of superhuman, Pablo Schreiber, spoke about what it means to finally see the face of one of the most mysterious video game characters of all time. Schreiber spoke about the goal for this unmasking in an interview recently. According to him, “‘Who is the Master Chief?’ is kind of the big question that we’re going to fill in, in the first season. It’s through the process of him learning about himself, and therefore, we, as audience members, will all learn about that along with him.”

One of the most interesting aspects of the interview with Pablo Schreiber is his deeper understanding of who Master Chief has been to the droves of gamers that ever played a Halo game. “The game was made as a first-person shooter, where you’re meant to believe that you’re the Master Chief. So, the character was kept vague for that reason, and you infuse the character with your own personality and your own subtleties,” Schreiber said. He has a fantastic point in that we all took on the mantle of Master Chief without realizing it. That is sort of the point of a first-person perspective type of video game. You take on the body of said protagonist and traverse through whatever is happening to that character at the time. That is the magic of making a great video game. Now that the series is meant to flesh out a ton of details, we all must realize why Master Chief is fighting.

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Any great military-based story usually involves some sort of soldier with a broken past. There is the fact that humanity is being threatened by the invasion of the Covenant, but why was Master Chief turned into an augmented superhuman? Maybe he lost his family at some point and was too weak to fight for them? Maybe he is like Captain America and wanted to stand up to tyranny when no one else would? There are a ton of tropes to follow in this regard, but we will have to find out why he is fighting and what makes him a great leader. Or maybe he isn’t one. Pablo Schreiber sounds as if he is ready to take on the role and fill the shoes of a hero that no one has ever attempted before. The reactions to Schreiber as Master Chief must have been well-received among the network, as the Halo series has already been renewed for a second season before the first season premieres.

The Halo series dropped a new trailer yesterday which brought even more excitement and revealing moments. Master Chief spoke, leaped from a Pelican, and what appeared to be the Flood was also shown. It sounds as if the series is ready to take off running. Fans can see Pablo Schreiber take on the role of Master Chief when the Halo series premieres on March 24th, exclusively on Paramount+.