Pablo Schreiber Says The Halo Series Differs From The Game In A Major Way

By Dan Lawrence | 2 months ago

pablo schreiber halo series

Halo is a video-game franchise loved by many. The sci-fi action blockbuster series has spanned decades, with players taking the reigns as humanity’s last hope, Master Chief. Now, of course, taking the mantle of Master Chief is actor Pablo Schreiber in the upcoming Halo TV Series for Paramount+. Schreiber has been talking to The Hollywood Reporterdiscussing how his take on the character will be different from what gamers will expect. 

The stark difference between Master Chief in the Halo videogame series and The Halo TV Show is that in the videogame, the player takes the role of the Master Chief, a 26th Century warrior fighting the endless battle against the alien threat known as The Covenant. In the game, you never see the character’s face, briefly you can get a glimpse at the back of his head, but for the majority of the series, the character is wearing his iconic armour, helmet and all. Another difference coming in The Halo TV Series is that you will see Pablo Schreiber’s face as the Master Chief, a decision that has already caused some division among fans of the game. 

As well as this, Pablo Schreiber told The Hollywood Reporter that he will be instilling his own spin on the Master Chief, a character that he states differs from his past roles in shows such as The Wire and Orange Is the New Black: “I was given a lot of leeway in those roles to push the boundaries because the characters are so big and broad-This is a 180-degree turn. It’s a very tight box, especially early in the series, trying to find the sweet spot of restraint and figure out this guy’s inner life.”

Pablo Schreiber has been a constant presence in the project since 2018, but the road to Halo getting a live-action adaptation has been a rocky one. Development for the project goes all the way back to 2005 following the first videogame release. Back then, Alex Garland had penned a feature film script that was optioned by 20th Century Studios (Fox at the time) and Universal. Directors of the likes of Guillermo del Toro and Neil Blomkamp were also attached, but a film never came to fruition. The Halo Tv show was then picked up by Showtime, but then found its current home in Viacom streamer Paramount+. 

That means fans of the videogame series have been waiting almost two decades to see Halo come to life on the screen. That heaps a lot of pressure on Pablo Schreiber and company to deliver a show that fans are going to be proud of. It looks as if Paramount is confident they have one considering a second series has already been greenlit. For the first nine-show run, reports state that the series will not be following the video game’s beat for beat. But of course, the central conflict with the arch-antagonists the Covenant will be prevalent.

Videogame adaptations have a rocky history, and videogame fans have a history of being intensely protective of their beloved games. Not only that but comparisons between a streamer series with a central protagonist in a suit of armour and a helmet covering his face have been drawn against Disney+’ The Mandalorian. Pablo Schreiber will be hoping that come the debut of The Halo TV Series on Paramount+ on March 24th, the show will wow fans over and knock its competitors out of the park.