See Master Chief Jump From The Pelican In The Leveled Up Halo Series Trailer

The Halo series is set to premiere in just a week, and Paramount+ has revealed an exciting new trailer that sees Master Chief leap to a planet's surface.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Master Chief halo series

Fans of Halo should buckle up, as the new trailer for the series has dropped. While we all patiently wait for the show to make its premiere in just a short week, the anticipation is even more palpable after Paramount+ decided to reveal another look at the sci-fi series. There is a ton to unpack throughout the two-minute-long offering, and the threat of survival seems to be the driving force for this new somber trailer. The stakes are high but we all finally get to see two things: Master Chief speaks and launches himself right out of the famous Pelican transport ship from the series. You can see the trailer below:

One thing of note is the Halo series looks amazing. It seems that Paramount+ is sparing no expense when it comes to allowing this show to look as lifelike as possible. From the Covenant ships to the aliens themselves, Master Chief, the weaponry, and the Pelican, everything looks incredible. There seem to be a ton of easter eggs offered in this second trailer as well. One of the biggest comes in form of being able to hear Master Chief speak briefly for the first time right before he launches himself to a planet’s surface. He has a bit of a raspy voice that also might contain a hint of an accent as well.

While Master Chief showing off his speaking role for the first time, there is far more going on in the second trailer that fans will be excited about. Around the halfway mark of the trailer, we get to see what appears as ODSTs (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers). For anyone that has played the Halo series, you will recognize these different-looking soldiers with Spartan-like armor as the protagonists from the Halo spin-off game, Halo: ODST. While they are not super soldiers who contain the same powers as Master Chief, they are still plenty capable. It’s interesting to note that it seems the timeline for this show could be around the Halo 2 era, considering that is when ODSTs made their debut. Another even bigger element to note is that of what appears to be the Flood. I know, right? On top of the Covenant being the main antagonistic force in the show, whatever sinister plot is shown throughout this trailer, things seem to go awry. The Flood are parasitic forms that consume the Covenant and essentially reanimate them in a horrifying manner. Interesting that this ancient alien threat is also being introduced.

The Halo series had already been established as “heavily influenced” by the video game, but it wouldn’t be a canonized continuation or prequel of sorts that directly leads into that of what has already been established. The series is meant to live and breathe on its own. That is certainly the case as it has been renewed early for a second season before its premiere date. Master Chief looks amazing though, and so does the whole series. We will all not have to wait much longer to see what’s in store, as the Halo series is set to premiere on March 24th, exclusively on Paramount+.