Owen Wilson Steals Scenes In Loki’s New Trailer, First Debuted On The NBA

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

owen wilson loki

Owen Wilson is joining the comic book production ranks and it really shouldn’t be anything like a surprise. These days, with the massive expansions of both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe, there’s a place for almost any actor or actress in the ranks. It doesn’t need to just be of the superhero variety, they’ll find something that fits your skills and core competency. That’s going to be the case with Wilson who will play a major part in the upcoming series Loki. And now we have another chance to see what he’ll be bringing to the screen in this new role. 

The new Loki trailer aired and debuted on a Monday night NBA broadcast and gave us a sneak peek of what’s in store for this first season. Because there are a million directions programs can go in the MCU, this one looks more like a procedural comedy/ drama than it does an actual superhero show. It’s the new world order in this sense, the diversification of comic book programming is going to mean new looks across the board for how stories are told. And this is where Owen Wilson starts to fit in. Check out the new Loki trailer. 

The new Loki series will have the titular character in a predicament he hasn’t faced before, sitting in judgment in front of a bunch of corporate suits. It doesn’t seem like the path one would have expected for the Trickster God, but again, we are getting all over the place with this new program. In the show, Loki has run afoul of the Time Variant Authority, a council/ organization of sorts that exists outside the bounds of celestial reality. They are tasked with maintaining order in the universe. Owen Wilson plays Mobius M. Mobius, one of those middle management suits and Loki’s proverbial handler for the show. The innocence and snark that Wilson is known for come out almost right away in this trailer. 

In the show, Loki has run afoul of the Time-Variant Authority (TVA) because of his use of the Tesseract. Remember that during the events of Avengers: Endgame one of the groups’ slips through time land them in New York during Loki’s invasion during the original Avengers. Except for this time Loki escapes with the goods. But this puts him on the TVA’s radar and they call him in to answer for what he’s done. It’s Owen Wilson who offers him the chance to reset the timeline and possibly redeem himself. This is how the new series will unfold. 

owen wilson tom hiddleston loki

It makes sense that Tom Hiddleston and Loki would need a comedic element with any new show they put on the air about the character. Even when Loki was at the height of his ne’er-do-well-ing there was always a twinge of funny to his demeanor, a certain ironic confidence that made him more impish than evil. That looks like the tone of this new show and why his handler would need to be someone like Owen Wilson, a guy along for the ride, trying to possibly stick up for Loki while also keep him in check. 

That’s why we see so many corporate-like office scenes even in this short trailer. Again, it’s going to possibly be something that more resembles a network primetime show than a program you would have thought existed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Owen Wilson might have superpowers, but they’d be more of the pencil-pushing variety. In this way, he should be able to lend a great deal of levity to the Loki.