Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight Has Wings, See The Pics

By Michileen Martin | 3 months ago

oscar isaac moon knight

There’s always differences between superhero comic books and the screen adaptations of their stories, but some new images reveal a truly striking deviation from the source material in Disney+’s upcoming Moon Knight. Starring Oscar Isaac as the titular hero of the series, Moon Knight promises to bring us a version of the character sporting more than just a cape. Newly released images show the hero’s cape as ghostly white wings.

On Amazon, you can now order officially licensed Marvel Cinematic Universe apparel with two different new Moon Knight images. One in particular shows Oscar Isaac’s hero leaping out of an explosion with his cape billowing behind him. The cape is clearly designed to look like wings. You can see the product image below, followed by a closed-up of the design.

moon knight
moon knight

A second design also features wings, though not as part of Oscar Isaac’s outfit. We see Moon Knight only from the shoulders up, surrounded by what appear to be Egyptian hieroglyphics. Below him is the image of a scarab holding up the Moon. The wings of a bird stretch out of the insect, ending whitish-blue feather-tips.

In the comics, Moon Knight does not count flight among his abilities, but that could be changing for Oscar Isaac’s series. In the series trailer that was released in January, one of the more striking images proved to be of the hero’s white costume magically appearing out of thin air and wrapping itself around him — almost like a less gooey version of how Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock transforms into Venom. It’s safe to assume then, that in Disney+’s Moon Knight, the hero’s costume will have mystic properties not commonly seen in the source material. Flight could be one of those properties.

oscar isaac moon knight
The costume appearing in the Moon Knight trailer

Of course, since we see Moon Knight jumping rooftops in the trailer — which hardly seems necessary if you can fly — it could be that the wings aren’t for flying, but for gliding. A number of Batman films have similarly shown the hero using his cape to not fly, but to gracefully glide across the Gotham sky. Certainly any fans of the Batman: Arkham games will recall the joy of gliding through air and landing on a bad guy’s face.

Regardless, having Moon Knight’s capes changed into wings — even if it’s just cosmetic and has no practical purpose — is a deviation, which isn’t surprising. Fans should expect plenty of differences between the comics and the Oscar Isaac series, even moreso than usual. Along with various miniseries, one-shots, and a backup spot in the Rampaging Hulk magazine, Moon Knight has had nine ongoing series over the past 40 years, with the longest consecutive run lasting 38 issues. When a character isn’t quite as popular as the rest, their canon becomes much more malleable in the hands of writers; the logic being that the less popular a character is, the fewer angry fans who will cry foul when you change that hero’s essentials.

Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight series is set to premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday, March 30. Unfortunately, unless something changes, the series looks to be a limited affair. In a recent discussion with Jared Leto courtesy of Variety, Isaac let it slip that Moon Knight was a miniseries and wouldn’t get a season 2.