Oscar Isaac Not Returning As Moon Knight For Marvel?

Oscar Isaac may be beloved by audiences and critics, but it sounds like he's not a fan of long-term contracts. But he could be convinced.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

oscar isaac moon knight

After months of anticipation, analyzing trailers, and trying to figure what was up with that accent, we might have already seen the last of Oscar Isaac in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, not literally, as we have five more episodes of Moon Knight to go. But according to an interview Isaac gave Variety, he does not have a contract with Marvel Studios past this run of the new Disney+ show. This is in stark contrast to the contracts signed by Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and all the rest, which typically would obligate the actors to a series of future films or projects (their immortal souls were also part of the contract, we assume). Either Disney is really changing up their method of operations or Isaac really was firm about not wanting to be tied down. The only other explanation would be that Marvel Studios didn’t care about having Oscar Isaac around, which is completely unbelievable. Here is what Isaac himself had to say: 

I had heard of the golden handcuffs… That was something that I was reticent about. And luckily, we all agreed that this [show] is what we’re going to focus on. This is the story. And if there’s any kind of future, I think it just depends on if people like it, if people want to see more, and if we find a story that’s worth telling.

Oscar Isaac

It doesn’t sound like the Ex Machina star is completely turning his back on playing Moon Knight (aka Marc Spector aka Steven Grant) again in the future. Most likely, Oscar Isaac returning to the gig will depend on how the Disney+ show goes, both critically and in terms of streams. We ourselves were lukewarm on the show as a whole and its retread of the source material, though naturally, the charisma of Isaac himself can make anyone forgive just about anything. And to be fair, we are only one episode into the series, and a lot can change, so we will wait and see on that part (though the Rotten Tomatoes score is already popping up). And besides, if Oscar Isaac really is not going to continue on in the MCU and we don’t actually get to see Steven Grant and Bruce Banner trade tips on to deal with having a violent superbeing sharing your headspace, it’s not like Isaac isn’t willing to work with Disney. After all, he was one of the best parts of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, and they liked having him around so much that they completely rewrote his part to keep him alive. 

Whether or not Oscar Isaac returns as Moon Knight and becomes part of the greater MCU, it looks like Disney is increasingly pivoting to using its streaming platform to introduce new characters. The She-Hulk series starring Tatiana Maslany as the titular super-powered attorney at law is set to premiere on Disney+ sometime in 2022, and there have been persistent rumors of a plan to reboot Daredevil as a series there as well. On the other side of the mountain of intellectual property that is Disney’s holdings, more and more Star Wars content is being released via Disney+. The recently, slightly-delayed Obi-Wan Kenobi series is due to finally premiere this month, as well as the third season of The Mandalorian, the upcoming Ahsoka series with Rosario Dawson, and the Diego Luna Andor show. So even if we lose Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight at some point, don’t worry: Disney will never stop.