Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight Costume Revealed

By Michileen Martin | 1 month ago

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The Marvel Comics vigilante Moon Knight is often referred to as Marvel’s answer to Batman. Unlike the Dark Knight, however, Moon Knight wears white from head to toe, even though — like Batman — he operates mostly at night. As ScreenRant points out, the vigilante wear bright white because he wants the bad guys to see him coming. Fittingly, in terms of Oscar Isaac’s costume in the upcoming Moon Knight series, we all may see him coming.

We don’t have a lot of details about Moon Knight, including a release date. But we may actually have an image of Oscar Isaac in the vigilante’s costume. The image leaked earlier today and has been making the rounds across social media. Assuming the image is genuine, it’s difficult to imagine the character is anyone but Moon Knight. He wears a white costume with a moon symbol over his chest and on his forehead. His cowl seems to be multilayered with no hole for the mouth, just as the hero appears in the comics. However, Moon Knight’s cape is conspicuously absent.

Believe it or not, if the image is the real deal, Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight is not the only candidate for the identity of the character in the image. One possibility is that it’s a member of the Cult of Khonshu. Moon Knight is the servant of the ancient Egyptian god Khonshu in the comics, and on a number of occasions members of the Moon god’s cult have shown up in outfits not completely unlike Moon Knight’s. This might serve to explain the absence of Moon Knight’s cape.

Another possibility is Moon Knight’s evil brother Shadowknight. Before he had his own comic book series, Moon Knight’s stories were told in the Hulk! magazine and it’s in 1979’s Hulk! #17 that readers discovered Marc Spector’s brother Randall was a serial killer. Randall later becomes Shadowknight, often dressing as a twisted, ragged reflection of Moon Knight. If that is Shadowknight in the image, then rather than Oscar Isaac, it could be Ethan Hawke under all that white. Back in January, Shadowknight was one of the character’s ComicBook.com speculated Hawke might be playing in the series.

Whoever Hawke is playing, he’s sure to deliver an interesting performance. This week on Late Night with Seth Meyers (via Movie Web), Hawke revealed he’s based his villain off David Koresh — the infamous cult leader who played a central role in the 1993 Waco siege. Meyers stumbled upon the reveal when telling Hawke that — with his long hair, glasses, and the candles surrounding him, he was giving off a “real David Koresh vibe.” Hawke responded that he’d based his character off Koresh, as well as revealing that Oscar Isaac — Hawke’s neighbor — personally tapped him from the Moon Knight role.

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Oscar Isaac was announced as the actor playing Marc Spector, aka Moon Knight, last October. While some fans were thrilled with the news, others weren’t quite so excited. Over a year before the casting announcement, Josh Weiss wrote a piece for Forbes, warning that the background of Moon Knight — one of Marvel’s earliest superheroes to be canonically confirmed as Jewish — needed to be remembered. As reported by We Got This Covered, social media was not quiet when it came to those unhappy with Marvel’s decision to cast a non-Jewish actor.

Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, has no release date yet but is expected to premiere on Disney+ sometime in the next couple of years.