See Dylan O’Brien As DC’s Nightwing

By Doug Norrie | 4 months ago

dylan o'brien nightwing

With the DC Extended Universe really ramping things up of late there is, for sure, the excitement around characters we could see on the big and small screen in the future. Their world is only expanding these days with more and more series and movies coming out over the next few years. One of the characters who’s been in a number of rumored projects is Nightwing. He could be getting a solo movie at some point. Before we get that though, there is time to imagine who could be playing the character. And one photoshopper took the time to give a look at what Dylan O’Brien would look like as Dick Grayson/ Nightwing. And the dude definitely looks the part. 

The Dylan O’Brien as Nightwing art comes from the @JimViscardi Twitter account and shows the guy in full costume. It’s a darker image with most of the comic book styling there. We get the full black outfit and eye covering. There’s a bit of a gruffer and a more raw sense to the character here which would come in line with what we could see in the future. And with the hashtags, it looks like there’s some hope that this character, with O’Brien in the fold, could take part in the upcoming Batgirl franchise. There have been rumors floating around that he is cast in that project. Check out Dylan O’Brien as Nightwing:

That being said, currently, there are no plans to bring in Dylan O’Brien as Nightwing. Rumors? Sure, but nothing set in stone. That’s because it’s a little unclear what is happening with the character. Within the DC Extended Universe, there have been rumors of a movie for some time now with Adam McKay reportedly heading up that project. But it appears plans for that Nightwing movie have stalled to some degree. McKay had said that the folks at DC and Warner Bros. were prioritizing other projects in this world (there are tons of them) and that the flick had been put on the backburner. 

But then Giant Freakin Robot had the exclusive that the Nightwing movie was, instead, going to come out in animated form maybe instead of live-action. It wasn’t clear if this was a pivot away from the McKay project or if this was a totally separate production. It would appear the studio wants to do something here with an admittedly very interesting character, but there haven’t been any concrete decisions about how to move forward. It’s this kind of indecision that has given time for folks to imagine different people playing the Nightwing character. Hence the Dylan O’Brien images. 

While he isn’t, as of right now, in any way confirmed to play Nightwing, Dylan Obrien has some work under his belt that would suggest he could definitely take on a role in a comic book franchise. He was the lead in the Mazeruner films for starters. And he also starred along with DC alum Michael Keaton in American Assassin. Keaton is set to reprise that role soon in The Flash and also the aforementioned Batgirl. 

We’ll have to wait and see how things shake out with a Nightwing movie or series project within the DC Extended Universe. There’s almost no doubt we will get the character at some point. It’s just not totally clear when.