One Of Nicole Kidman’s Best Movies Is Getting Remade

By Drew Dietsch | 8 months ago

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Nicole Kidman has managed to star in a number of downright great movies. Her filmography includes an eclectic mix of prestige dramas, low-key artsy fare, and enjoyable popcorn fun. Truly, her career cannot be pigeonholed and it is always a treat to see what she will be up to next. However, today’s news threatens to take aim at one of the best pieces of cinema that the actress has been involved with.

Deadline reports that plans are in motion to remake The Others, the 2001 horror film that starred Nicole Kidman as a woman who becomes convinced that her old family house is haunted. The scoop says that no writer or director has been attached yet. In fact, it seems like there is nothing known at this time how closely this remake will be adapting the original film by Alejandro Amenábar. Exactly how much of a direct remake this will be is uncertain.

It is going to be a tough job to top The Others and Nicole Kidman’s powerful performance in that film. The original movie was something of a sleeper hit back in 2001. Riding the wave of ghostly thrillers that got popular after the success of the 1999 horror film The Sixth Sense, The Others managed to rake in a tidy sum at the box office. The Others took in $96 million at the domestic box office and another $113 million internationally, adding up to a very impressive total of $209 million. That was off a reported budget of $17 million. That is a bonafide hit.

Can the same happen with this remake? The cards are assuredly stacked against it. Nicole Kidman was a big draw at the time, having become an inarguable A-list celebrity. Will this new version of The Others be able to entice a similar level of talent? And the original film was also successful because it was such an unknown factor. People knew it was a haunted house movie but the film had quite a few more tricks up its sleeve. The ending of The Others became widely talked about and generated a powerful word-of-mouth campaign for the movie. A remake won’t have that element of surprise working in its favor.

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We will have to see if this new version of The Others is able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the original. Will Nicole Kidman have any involvement with this new version? Could her character appear as a cameo in a bit of winking acknowledgment? Could this remake take a very different turn from the original? Will this new take try and recapture the same surprise that audiences felt from the first film? These are all questions we won’t have the answers to until the movie is released. As of now, no release date has been slated for The Others, so we don’t yet know when we will be seeing this remake.

In the meantime, the original version of The Others starring Nicole Kidman is currently available to stream on HBO Max. If you have never seen the film and have remained spoiler-free, we urge you to give it a watch. Even if you have been spoiled, you should still watch this excellent horror film. It’s October and we can all use a good scare. The Others is a great way to scratch that itch.

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