Nicolas Cage Will Fight Surfers In His Next Movie

Nicolas Cage is starring in The Surfer, which sounds like Walking Tall meets Point Break.

By Robert Scucci | Published

nicolas cage

Over the decades, we have seen Nicolas Cage steal cars, crash planes, fight crimes, and commit them, but for the first time ever we’ll see the legend himself catch some waves in an upcoming film called The Surfer, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This psychological thriller will be set in Australia and will involve Nicolas Cage fighting a surfer gang in an effort to reclaim the beloved beach from his childhood. There’s no doubt in our minds that Cage will continue to do what he does best and give his all to what sounds like a supremely odd role to take on.

The new Nicolas Cage film will be directed by Lorcan Finnegan and produced by Robert Connolly under the Arenamedia banner and Leonora Darby, James Harris, and Mark Lane of Teashop Productions. Mossbank’s Sam Hall has described the Surfer as a “visceral and unique thriller,” which is a strong indication that we’re once again going to be thrust into questionable territory that only Cage himself knows how to navigate.

The Surfer will bring Nicolas Cage’s character back to his hometown in Australia after spending most of his adult life in the US, but things aren’t the way they used to be. In the signature Nicolas Cage fashion his sanity will be tested as the secluded beach he enjoyed as a child is taken over by a gang of surfers who humiliate him in front of his son. We don’t know much about The Surfer past this initial synopsis, but we are salivating in anticipation over the possibility of seeing a full-blown Matchstick Men-style freakout that our favorite national treasure is known to deliver.

nicolas cage

Being the ever-prolific actor he has been throughout his career, Nicolas Cage has a hefty release slate ahead of him with films like Sympathy for the Devil, The Retirement Plan, Dream Scenario, Arcadian, and Longlegs. There’s no need to worry about scheduling conflicts, however, as all of these films are in the post-production phases or scheduled for release. Principal photography for The Surfer is currently scheduled for September 2023.

At this point in Nicolas Cage’s career, we can only express excitement over his resurgence as a force to be reckoned with. Though he was once known for “taking literally any role” during a period in which he was sorting out legal and financial issues, the common throughline in his career has been that he has always taken his work seriously. From eating a live cockroach on the set of Vampires Kiss to portraying himself as if he were inhabited by John Travolta in Face/Off, the Mom and Dad actor truly knows how to commit to a role.

We can expect a similar level of commitment in Nicolas Cage’s The Surfer if his past work is any indication of future performance. If you’re an avid surfer yourself, don’t be surprised if you see a frazzled Cage running along the oceanfront with a freshly waxed longboard while frantically shouting, “Not the beach!” in preparation for this upcoming role.

Luckily for us, there are plenty of recent Nicolas Cage releases to tide us over before he treads the water himself in The Surfer. Recent notable films include The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, Pig, and Renfield, which all show us Cage committing to his method of “nouveau shamanism,” a term he uses to describe his acting that he made up himself.