A New Sebastian Stan Movie Is #1 On Streaming

Sebastian Stan is enjoying some great exposure on Hulu, as the new film starring the actor is currently #1 on the streaming service.

By James Brizuela | Published

sebastian stan

Sebastian Stan has been steadily carving his way through Hollywood. He’s fast become a fan-favorite actor while portraying Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe throughout Captain America, The Avengers, and Falcon and Winter Solider. He has also recently gained a ton more notoriety while portraying Tommy Lee in the hit Hulu, series Pam & Tommy, which follows the tumultuous relationship of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Now his most recently released movie, which also happens to be a Hulu original film, has taken off. Stan’s newest film called Fresh is currently #1 on Hulu. While fans of Stan are used to seeing in a more “good guy” type of role, Fresh shows the actor in his most diabolical form. You can see the trailer for the film below:

Fresh is a dark comedy, horror, and thriller that follows Noa as she traverses through the horrifying world of online dating. While she can’t seem to find the right one, due to the outpouring of dates without simple decency, she runs into Steve at the supermarket. Noa and Steve hit it off and exchange numbers with another. After they are intimate and have gone on a few dates with one another, Steve asks Noa to go away with him for a weekend. Noa’s best friend, Mollie, warns her against the trip claiming that the two barely know one another. Despite her best friend’s advice, Noa plans to go away with Steve. Noa meets at Steve’s luxury apartment to spend the night for their weekend getaway, only she is drugged by Steve. She awakes to find out his true and horrid nature. We will stop the plot explanation right there for those who haven’t seen this film yet. Fresh stars Daisy-Edger Jones as Noa and Sebastian Stan as Steve. Jojo T. Gibbs, Andrea Bang, Dayo Okeniyi, and Charlotte La Bon help to round out the cast for this thriller.

Interestingly enough, Fresh had premiered back in 2020 at the Sundance Film Festival, before finally making it to much larger audiences in 2022. The film was released on March 4th, via Hulu and Searchlight Pictures. Fresh was written by Lauryn Kahn and is the directorial debut of Mimi Cave. The film was also produced by Adam McKay Don’t Look Up, The Big Short, and The Other Guys fame. Kahn has been working her way through Hollywood since the early 2010s, and her biggest writing credits are 2018’s Ibiza and now Fresh. Cave has steadily been in the directing world since 2014, and most of her experience comes way of directing shorts and music videos. They should both be proud to know their film is currently #1 on Hulu. Landing Sebastian Stan Daisy-Edgar Jones is also fantastic.

sebastian stan fresh

The great thing about Fresh is taking that of the horror and thriller genre but mixing it with comedic elements that truly touch on the horrors of online dating. That, and how dangerous it can be for women to do online dating currently. The social commentary that is deeply laden in this film is what makes it so interesting. The physical objectification that Steve (Sebastian Stan) has for Noa is also well done, leaning in more heavily to how awful online dating can truly be for women, albeit with a more gruesome end as portrayed in Fresh. Fans of films like The Strangers, No Vacancy, Get Out and any sort of storyline that requires the protagonist to escape the clutches of psychos would be a fan of Fresh.

Fresh moving over to a big-time streaming service like Hulu likely has to do with the response from Sundance and beyond. The film currently has an 81% certified fresh critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The consensus for the films states that Fresh is “as gripping as it is upsetting and makes a provocative meal out of the horrors of online dating.” The puns here are astute. The audience rating also sits at a respectable 82%. While the reviews are likely to be pouring in much more through the next few weeks, it’s safe to say that Fresh hits the mark on the horror and thriller themes. Plus, we get to see Sebastian Stan be a psycho. That has to count for something. Stream Fresh on Hulu right now and see why it has climbed to the #1 spot.