New On Netflix: The Best Shows Just Added

By Rick Gonzales | 3 days ago

The streaming giant, Netflix, is the main avenue most of us tune into when looking for entertainment in today’s world of being shut-in. And to their credit, Netflix has been loading up their site with the material, new and old, original and non-original Netflix shows for your viewing pleasure.

So we’re taking a look at what Netflix has added to their lineup over the past month. This will cover Netflix’s original shows (not movies) in hopes you’ll find more than a few things on this list to get you through tough days of isolation. These are the best new shows on Netflix right now.

Babies | New on Netflix

Babies show
  • New To Netflix On February 21, 2020

This Netflix docuseries focuses on, as the title suggests, Babies! It follows fifteen babies and their parents and 30+ scientists as the babies try to figure out the world around them while the scientists try to understand how babies figure things out. This series is split into 6-episodes and while showing the cuteness of the babies it follows, it also gives a good look as to how babies develop, the things they know and just how they learn these things.

Gentefied | New On Netflix

new on netflix
  • Netflix Show Added February 21, 2020

The American dream is the goal in this new dramedy series that follows three Mexican American cousins and their struggle on the road to their dream. Their battle along the way is to keep what they hold most dear to them (their immigrant grandfather, their neighborhood, and the family taco truck) close.

Glitch Techs | Netflix’s New Series

new on netflix
  • New To Netflix On February 21, 2020

This animated series got its start over at Nickelodeon but for some reason, the project stalled over there, never hitting the airwaves, so Netflix picked it up. The series follows two teens, Miko Kubota and Hector “High Five” Nieves who both have new jobs at a game store. This game store is a front for the teens actual job and that is to fight video-game monsters who have somehow found a way to inhabit the real world.

Puerta 7 | New Show

New soccer show
  • Netflix Show Added February 21, 2020

Netflix is hoping the world-wide appeal of soccer will land this series on its feet. This new series follows an Argentinian professional soccer club (Ferroviarios Football Club) and the drama and crime that unfolds at Puerta 7 (Gate 7).

Those familiar with soccer (football to those outside America) probably understand the hooliganism that associates itself with the sport. Puerta 7 focuses in on this and takes it even further by adding organized crime to this hooliganism. The story follows team owner Guillermo as he brings in family member Diana to help with security after a gang member is stabbed during a game. He wants her to help clean up the criminal element at the games. Diana definitely is going to have her work cut out for her.

Followers | New On Netflix

new on netflix
  • New To Netflix On February 27, 2020

How much does a person care about the number of likes they get on a Facebook post? What about the ones who crave to see the numbers of their Instagram followers continue to climb? This is kind of where we are at in this Netflix story about a young Japanese actress who crosses paths with a famous photographer who ends up changing the actress’ life by becoming one of her Instagram followers.

Queen Sono | New Spy Series

Spy series
  • New Series Added February 28, 2020

This Netflix original series is a first of its kind. It is an African Originals series that has a James Bond-esque flavor, a South African spy thriller. Again with firsts for Netflix, this series was created entirely by Africans, employs mainly an African cast and stars South African Pearl Thusi as the title character. She is James Bond in comparison in that she takes on dangerous missions and anything else thrown her way from personal and family issues to helping protect the African continent.

Unstoppable | New On Netflix

new on netflix
  • New Netflix Series Added February 28, 2020

Typically “road trip” movies are just that, movies. In this Netflix dramedy series, the road trip covers, well, a series. It follows three Mexican women (the series was called Desenfrenadas in Mexico) who decide to take off to find themselves. They cross paths with one more woman and the four go on a life-altering road trip. The question here is, has Netflix created enough “want” in this series to make viewers care enough about these women to follow them on a series-long road trip?

Hospital Playlist | New On Netflix

Doctor series
  • New On March 12, 2020

In another one of Netflix’s International series, this Korean medical drama bears similarities with Grey’s Anatomy. In fact, new episodes drop on Thursday nights. The big difference here (bear with us) is that not only do we follow doctors in action through life and death situations, but the way these five friends blow off steam is by playing in a rock band. Yes, a rock band. So, if you like your Korean medical dramas with a side of rock band, then this new Netflix series is for you.

Beastars | New On Netflix

new on netflix
  • Netflix Added March 13, 2020

The premise for this new Netflix anime is sorta out there, which may make it an appealing watch. The series is based on a popular manga that uses talking anthropomorphic animals as characters. There is a wolf-person, an alpaca-person, a dwarf rabbit-person, a red deer-person…you see where we are going with this. The animal people go to school at Cherryton Academy, where most of the action takes place. If you like anime, you may want to give this one a shot.

Bloodride | New Horror Series

horror on netflix
  • New Netflix Show On March 13, 2020

Netflix continues its trend of pulling in international series. This horror anthology, Bloodride, comes from Norway and is also known for what Netflix describes as “morbid humor”. Now remember, this comes from Norway and their sense of humor might just be a little different than what Americans are used to. As it is, this series is an anthology, so every episode will be different. Give it a try, see if their sense of humor aligns with yours.

The Valhalla Murders | New On Netflix

new series
  • Netflix Show Added March 13, 2020

We continue Netflix’s trek around the globe, this time settling in on Iceland and its famous city Reykjavik. This is where the Valhalla Murders takes place and its location can be a visual treat. The series follows a detective, who has a painful past, as he returns home to his native Iceland to help a police officer hunt down a serial killer who has a link to a mysterious photo.

Women Of The Night | New On Netflix

new on netflix
  • Series Added To Netflix On March 13, 2020

Next up, Amsterdam. This Dutch crime drama follows its main character, Xandra Keizer, who finds herself leading a duel life as she is asked by an old pal to help her out with an event for a top-class escort agency. Keizer then finds herself caught between her life as a mom and wife of a white-collar official and the addictive Amsterdam nightlife as an escort.

Shaun the Sheep: Adventures From Mossy Bottom | New On Netflix

New episodes
  • New Netflix Series Added March 13, 2020

A fun kids series comes to Netflix. Shaun the Sheep has enjoyed many adventures over the years since he premiered in his first series in 2007. This stop-motion animation series will follow the further adventures of Shaun and his loyal dog Bitzer as they try to stay out of trouble along with the rest of the gang on the Mossy Bottom Farm.

Feel Good | New On Netflix

new on netflix
Feel Good
  • New Netflix Show Added March 13, 2020

This new Netflix comedy may take some viewers down some uncomfortable territory as it follows the LGBTQIA+ path and Canadian stand-up comedienne Mae Martin. The story is semi-autobiographical from Mae’s viewpoint and tells about her struggles as a stand-up while trying to navigate a new relationship with George, a lady who is having a same-sex relationship for the first time, and the addiction problem that causes some of Mae’s misery.

The Letter For The King | New YA Series

Ya fantasy series
  • New On Netflix March 13, 2020

This new Netflix series comes from a 1962 novel written by Dutch author Tonke Dragt. It’s a YA fantasy series that hopes to be filling those huge Game Of Thrones shoes. The problem with that (possibly more than just one problem) is that its material is aimed at teens. So, “Game of Thrones” may be pushing it a bit.

The story tells of a young knight who deals with magical powers and ancient prophecies as he sets out with his companions on a quest to get a secret message to the king and save the kingdom.

Self Made: Inspired By The Life Of Madam C.J. Walker | New On Netflix

new on netflix
  • Released On Netflix March 20, 2020

This Netflix original limited series stars Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures, The Shape Of Water) as C.J. Walker, based on her biography, On Her Own Ground. Walker’s story tells of how she overcame the many obstacles she faced at the turn-of-the-century and became America’s first black, self-made female millionaires.

Signs | New Polish Series

  • New On Netflix March 25, 2020

Netflix hasn’t released much information on this new Polish series. The story follows a new police commander after the murder of a woman shows striking similarities to a decade-old cold case. The commander now must break through the silence around town to crack the case.

Unorthodox | New On Netflix

  • On Netflix As Of March 25, 2020

In this limited Netflix series, a Hasidic Jewish woman flees her home in Brooklyn from an arranged marriage and heads to Berlin where she is taken in by a group of musicians. And then her past comes calling for her.

Castlevania Season 3 | Returning Series

Animated series
  • New Episodes On Netflix March 5, 2020

This animated series is based on a Japanese video game and follows a vampire hunter going up against the forces of Dracula himself. Season 3 returned on March 5.

The Protector Season 3 | Returning Series

  • New Episodes On March 6, 2020

This Turkish superhero fantasy is about a descendant of an ancient line of superheroes and must now accept his fate and embrace his heritage so he can save Istanbul. Season 3 started on March 6.

Ugly Delicious Season 2 | Returning Series

new on netflix
Ugly Delicious
  • New Netflix Eps On March 6, 2020

Superstar chef David Chang returns to his series where he and his guests go around the globe investigating regional dishes or other traditional styles of cooking. Season 2 returned on March 6.

On My Block Season 3 | Returning Show

  • New Series Episodes On March 11, 2020

The critically acclaimed coming-of-age series is back, going back to South Central Los Angeles, where it tells the story of teens who must navigate all the pitfalls of high school. Season 3 returned on March 11.

Kingdom Season 2 | Returning Show

  • New On Netflix March 13, 2020

This wild South Korean series returns with the same setting, the Japanese Invasion of Korea in the 1500s. Not only is the Japanese invasion ongoing, but so is an invasion of the undead. Yes, this zombie series is back for more. Season 2 kicked off on March 13.

Black Lightning Season 3 | Returning Superhero Series

  • New Season On March 17, 2020

As Netflix dropped a few DC titles, this one they’ve brought along from the CW. Season 3 just finished its TV run on March 9 and Netflix has quickly brought it over and launched the entire season on March 17.

Ozark Season 3 | Returning Series

new on netflix
  • New Netflix Episodes On March 27, 2020

The highly anticipated return of Netflix’s Emmy-winning series finally makes its return! Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Julia Garner, Joseph Sikara and Janet Mcteer all return in the story of a city family who moved out to the Ozarks and ends up getting mixed up in the world of money-laundering. Season 3 makes its triumphant return on March 27.

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