Netflix Is Making Another Video Game Anime And This One Is Super Stylish

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

Netflix is slowly but surely becoming the go-to streaming service for video game anime adaptations, including the excellent Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. That show ended up being surprisingly great and left fans wondering what other games would benefit from the anime treatment. Now, the wait is over: below, you can see the first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of the stylish Capcom action game Devil May Cry.

Onimusha isn’t the only Capcom game becoming an anime on Netflix, now Devil Mary Cry is coming back exclusively on the streamer.

Way back in the day, Capcom started development on what would have been Resident Evil 4 before the devs decided to go in a different direction. That decision ended up being a win/win: not only was the Resident Evil 4 that we eventually got an instant classic that revived the (ahem) shambling franchise, but Capcom was able to take their earlier work in an exciting new direction. The final result was Devil May Cry, an action/adventure game starring Dante, a demon hunter with a monstrous background, and a father straight out of hell.

The same company behind Harley Quinn and The Legend of Korra, Studio Mir, is working on the Devil May Cry anime.

The first Devil May Cry game became a hit, and it soon spawned a franchise consisting of five mainline titles as well as an edgy reboot called DmC: Devil May Cry. In short, Dante is a Japanese video game character that proved to be insanely popular with Western audiences. It was only a matter of time before the game got its own anime series, and while the earlier anime that debuted in 2007 was merely decent, it looks like this more ambitious Netflix adaptation will be infinitely better.

Devil May Cry

For example, the showrunner for this Devil May Cry anime is Adi Shankar. If that name doesn’t ring any bells, he previously worked on Netflix’s amazing Castlevania series. Castlevania proved to be more than just a great video game adaptation: it’s simply a brilliant anime, and we can only hope the animated adventures of Dante prove to be just as engaging.

In addition to having a reliable showrunner, this Devil May Cry anime will be brought to life by Studio Mir. They may not seem like a big name, but this plucky studio has worked on some of the best and most influential cartoons, including The Legend of Korra and Young Justice: Outsiders. In fact, they are a very well-known studio to many DC comics fans because they have provided animation services for hit superhero shadows like Harley Quinn and My Adventures With Superman.

The original Devil May Cry anime ran for 12 episodes in 2007, pre-dating the inclusion of Nero in the franchise.

Unfortunately, aside from knowing the showrunner and animation studio behind it, we don’t have any other details about Netflix’s upcoming Devil May Cry anime. Netflix claims that the show is “coming soon” but has not provided a release date, leaving anxious nerds to clutch their PlayStation controllers extra hard in hopes of getting some more definitive news. As for us, we’re going to pass the time waiting for news by playing the Devil Mary Cry HD Collection, and nobody’s allowed to laugh when we dial the difficulty of the third game down to Easy (it’s really hard, y’all).