Netflix Sci-Fi Mystery Reminds Everyone Space Is Terrifying

By Matthew Flynn | Published

the signal

Netflix’s new German series, The Signal, is a blend of science fiction and psychological thriller that brings horror back to space exploration. The streaming giant is surely hoping the new miniseries follows in the footsteps of some of its other international imports.

The Signal

the signal

At the heart of The Signal is Paula, a dedicated astronaut played by Peri Baumeister, who encounters a strange phenomenon while working on the International Space Station. She embarks on a groundbreaking mission sponsored by the wealthy entrepreneur, Benisha Mudhi, to halt the unforgiving march of death and to enable cellular regeneration.

The Signal oscillates between two timelines allowing audiences to delve into the aftermath of Paula’s return to Earth, and the ensuing enigma that wraps itself around her actions. The switching timelines helps add to the suspense of wondering what exactly will happen while aboard the ISS.

The Rest Of The Cast

Paula’s family, her husband Sven, played by Florian David Fitz, and their daughter Charlie, brought to life by Yuna Bennett get pulled into the whirlpool of ambiguity surrounding Paula’s work. Florian David Fitz isn’t only an on-screen personality but also one of The Signal’s co-writers.

Adding an extra layer of interest to Paula’s mission is her capsule-mate Hadi Hiraj, portrayed by Hadi Khanjanpour. Together, they navigate the vast darkness of space, creating compelling interpersonal dynamics that serve to heighten the show’s suspense.

Critics Love The Signal

the signal

The Signal has already earned itself an array of positive reviews. Notably, the series has been lauded for its skilled approach to bifurcating the storyline across two timelines. The performances, especially Yuna Bennett’s portrayal of Charlie, have garnered significant praise from viewers and critics alike.

German Netflix Series Are Doing Well

Netflix has been hitting the target with its German productions as shows like Dark and Dear Child continue to captivate global audiences. Defined by their gripping narratives and intense character arcs, these German shows — including The Signal — are breaking the language barrier, commanding attention, and reeling in viewers with their unique stories.

The thriller series Dear Child, is a spellbinding entrant from Germany that has left viewers awestruck. The series, based on a novel, is a heart-wrenching crime mystery that revolves around Lena and two children, living under stringent control and absolute isolation. The story takes a dramatic turn when Lena escapes from their captor, setting an engrossing sequence of events in motion.


Dark is another German series acclaimed by viewers in whose steps The Signal follows. The time- and mind-bending German series delves into time travel, family secrets, and a mysterious town. As children go missing, a web of interconnected families unfolds, revealing a complex knot of past, present, and future. Each twist uncovers more layers of the intricate puzzle, blurring the lines between good and evil. Dark keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, exploring the consequences of choices and the haunting legacy passed through generations

Filled with suspense and intrigue, The Signal explores mysteries that lurk in the echo of silence that space provides as well as secrets buried beneath a mountain of scientific research.

The Signal is now streaming on Netflix.